Incredible Ghost Photo Taken

An incredible photograph taken by Kevin Horkin as he visited Abergale North Wales shows a girl clearly in the window.  Horkin says he had taken the photograph when visiting the old building, but when he downloaded the picture to his computer later, he discovered there was something else in the photograph he had not anticipated.  The girl is clearly standing at the window watching out for something.  The photo is clear enough that it’s causing quite a bit of controversy online.

Kevin was visiting the building, which has been derelict since 1985 due to the floor falling through.  And that’s where the story gets particularly interesting.  In addition to being locked down, there is something else about the photo that screams “ghost story.”  The area where the girl is standing has no floor, meaning if she were truly where the photograph indicates she is then she’s floating in mid-air as she stares out the window at the living.

As with any ghostly photograph that seems to have some level of realism, quickly the microscopes come out as believers and debunkers alike attempt to point out potential flaws or points of authenticity in the image.  Those who have seen the image only just now making the rounds of websites all over the world often will admit the girl in the photo does seem to have an unearthly quality about her.  But is that enough?  No, but it certainly raises the level of interest many have taken in the image.  Who is this mysterious girl?

It seems ghost photo hoaxes would be easy to figure out if only the people appearing in the originals would come forward.  But is this a hoax?  It’s likely the image will fall out of the public eye long before it is confirmed or conclusively debunked, but there have been a few facts to arise in recent days that call into question the image’s authenticity.  The main accusation some sites have put forward is that the photographer, Kevin is attempting to put the image forward in an effort to gain his own reality television show.  A ghost hunting show is supposed to be a primary motivating factor for several alleged photographs of ghosts in recent days, but it seems a bit of a stretch in some cases.  Still, skepticism is unfortunately often victim to laziness in some media outlets.

Kevin has announced that he will be investigating the castle property personally with a ghost hunting team as soon as he gets the chance.  Unfortunately, there have not been any other photographs of paranormal apparitions in the area in recent history.  With any luck there will be another photo in time that matches the image and we will be privy to who this girl is and why her image appeared within the castle walls.  As for Kevin Horkin, we’ll be sure to watch where he goes with this information and how his subsequent investigation goes.  Until further analysis is given to the image, it will remain chilling and yet unexplainable.