Introducing the Haunted Kehoe House

The large four-story Victorian beauty, known as the William Kehoe Historic Inn, dates back to 1892 and has a reputation for housing ghosts and experiencing paranormal activity. In this article, you will learn about the history of the property and the celebrity who once owned the home, renovated it, and then sold it for a hefty sum.

The William Kehoe Historic Inn not only displays Victorian architectural styles, but also highlights a Renaissance Revival mansion features. From the Corinthian columns to the terra cotta moldings, the mansion possesses a variety of interesting details , most especially the use of cast iron for the exterior trim.

When the William Kehoe house was built, it was big enough to accommodate a large family. Today, there are 13 rooms that are used for guests that wish to stay at the William Kehoe House Historic Inn , a property that is found on the list of National Registry of Historic Places. Bedrooms are situated on the second and third floors. Throughout the years, the house has undergone different renovations and restoration. At one time, it was a bed and breakfast inn in 1992 and in 2003, the house was transformed into a 4 star luxury inn with rooms priced up to $295 per night and suites reaching $325 per night.

History of the House

William Kehoe was 10 years old when he reached America from Ireland. He spent his childhood in poverty, but grew up in a family that was loving and centered around religion. When Kehoe was young, he entered the Civil War and fought for the South. He then became an apprentice for an iron molder and quickly worked his way up to own an iron foundry. With a smart business sense, skill, pleasant personality, and his work ethic, Kehoe was a success in the industry.

When he was 26 years old, Kehoe was able to marry the love of his life, Annie. They had many children together , 10 of them surviving. The couple was different from other wealthy locals, as they didn’t allow money to corrupt their actions. They were deeply religious and when it came time to give and be charitable, they were never slow to answer.

The majority of the 20th century saw the Kehoe House play the role of a mortuary. In time, it became a private residence. In 1980, the house received a famous owner , football player Joe Namath. He bought the property for $80,000 and wanted to make it a nightclub and disco. The Columbia Square locals were outraged. Namath decided not to move forward with his initial plans, but did not sell the house right away. He kept the home, which he fixed up. In 1989, he sold the house for $530,000.

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