Is DC’s Demon Cat Still on the Prowl?

The “DC” in Washington DC stands for District of Columbia, but there is another DC that regulars in the white house have come to know and refer to.  The DC in the case of this strange paranormal entity stands for “Demon Cat,” and it’s a creature that has made multiple appearances over the years and to many presidents.  But it hasn’t been seen in a few years.  Is Washington’s Demon Cat still prowling the archives and the subterranean rooms foretelling disaster and terrorizing those who spot it late at night?

When looking at the long history of DC the demon cat, we can look all the way back to the history of the city of Washington DC itself.  Cats were commonly employed to keep the rat population down.  It wasn’t uncommon to see dozens of cats in the streets living off of their prey and darting in and out of the shadows even in some of the larger buildings.

But while most of these cats were eventually gathered up and deported from their original duties, there was one that was spotted several times and never successfully caught.  Some say it was descended from a cat who could trace its lineage all the way back to the sacred cats of Egypt.  Others say it appeared long after the others and terrified all employed to catch it to the point of quitting.  While accounts of just where DC the demon cat came from vary, there is much agreement among believers on one thing – it was very different and most certainly supernatural.

DC typically appears during tense political moments, or moments when disaster threatens the nation.  The night before Lincoln’s assassination, DC appeared in front of a team of security guards on patrol during the tense post Civil War environment.  It stared at them menacingly with its eyes aflame like the coals of the locomotive that would carry Lincoln’s body across the country only days later.  When Kennedy was assassinated it was once again seen with its red eyes glowing.

But DC’s predicting ability isn’t the only thing he is known for.  It’s said to live in a room originally intended to house the body of George Washington after death, a place that would remain empty as Washington was buried at his estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia.  This empty room is one of the many places witnesses have spotted the mysterious creature, slowly transforming into a creature the size of a large tiger as witnesses drew near to it.

If they are not terrified into flight after this transformation takes place, the creature is said to also possess the growl of a tiger and incredible speed as it leaps for its victims before disappearing into the shadows without explanation or any evidence of its presence aside from the terrified witnesses – left behind unharmed but psychologically scarred, many of which were well trained men and women finding occupation at the US’ top governmental facilities.

And so as the stories of the Demon Cat appearing just before major political events continued, there was some speculation that its absence was more the product of the White House not wishing to disclose when a sighting had occurred rather than no one on Capitol Hill seeing it.

Has DC disappeared into the legends of the White House never to be seen again?  Was it somehow exorcized from the white house and other buildings?  Or is it lying in wait as so many legends do, waiting for the day when it would once again slink from the shadows and be seen once again?  Believers in the legend often end the story with the hope that its absence is evidence that all is well.