Is Your House Haunted?

Several books and magazines have over the years outlined ways to tell if your house was haunted.  One of the commonly listed suggestions that stands out has always been, “Do you see ghosts regularly in your house?”  It stands to reason if a reader was seeing ghosts in their house on a regular basis that they would likely be able to make a well informed conclusion on their own without further advice on the matter.  But not all ghosts manifest in such overt ways.  In fact the vast majority of hauntings, according to many respected paranormal investigators manifests in ways that are largely subtle.

The first thing to do is take stock of the goings on in the house.  If you feel a negative energy, this could partially be due to circumstances arising from your own life.  Have a number of tragic events transpired in your space in your presence?  If so, it’s possible for this negativity to be causing you strife.  But don’t be too quick to dismiss negative feelings without first moving on to step two.

Step two is to examine the space objectively.  Even if you do have a personal negative feeling about a given location it is possible that others do as well.  When friends and family stop by, how do they react to the environment?  When something happens in the space (even if it is perfectly rational and explainable) do they react in fear?  Do non-psychic individuals suddenly get moments of inspiration and have knowledge that cannot be explained otherwise while in your home?  If others are noticing a mysterious or unearthly energy in the house, this is definitely something to take into consideration.  Even if you don’t actually see something unusual, if you feel it (and if others do as well) this is something to pay attention to.

If you or someone you know is psychically inclined, develop your abilities and then intuit whether communication with your general environment would be a good idea.  If you live alone, try having a friend around when this happens.  It’s quite possible the entity will be friendly, but in the event that something seems hostile or otherwise makes you feel uncomfortable, contact someone who can assist you.

But why seek trouble if none is to be found, you may ask.  The truth of the matter is, many people live in haunted or reportedly haunted houses for years and never hear so much as a bump in the night, even if informed of the paranormal background the house has.  If you are one of the lucky (or unlucky as some might say) people who lives in a dormant haunted house, you may wish to keep it that way.  But if your ghost is giving off a sad or troubled energy it may affect you and others in the household in subconscious ways.  Any individual household resident must make the decision on whether to pursue contact with the other side or not for themselves.  Only then can you truly be sured that you are acting on your own intuitions and not being influenced by forces beyond your control , natural or otherwise.