Jackie The Talking Ghost captured on audio

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December 2008

Captured 15 minute audible conversation between the living and the dead caught on two recorders”

NEW RECORDED EVIDENCE of “Jackie” the Queen Mary talking ghost child is now available for review at parainvestigations.com!! View discussions and hear the actual audio clip in its 15 minute entirety that has received over 5,000 hits the first day of content posting.

Bob Davis, CEO of Planet Paranormal Broadcast Network and Planet Paranormal Investigations at parainvestigations.com, presents evidence that he and investigative teammate Brian Clune captured of “Jackie” the talking ghost child in the pool area of the Queen Mary during the ship’s Paranormal Retreat in December 2008; on two separate audio recorders. Note: This is not an EVP, it is an actual conversation that lasted over 15 minutes with a disembodied child entity!

If you are a fan of the paranormal, you do not want to miss this amazing evidence!! Not since the famed televised communication of world renowned psychic and paranormal investigator Peter James has Jackie’s vocalization been so pronounced. The child’s voice on the recording is IDENTICAL to the one James communicated with nearly twenty years ago!

Further, four separate governmental sources are cross-analyzing the recorded evidence; including, audio experts within law enforcement and the military. Essentially, the recent vocalization of the child entity will be examined for similarities with Peter James’ communication with Jackie that was broadcast globally on the FOX hit prime time series “Sightings” in 1991. If evidence is revealed that the child voices match, it will be the most compelling scientifically verified documentation of paranormal activity ever released to the world!

To hear the audio please visit www.parainvestigations.com under the audio evidence or news section. Please use headphones for best results and be among the first to review this historic evidence.

UPDATE: Sound 2 audio analysis experts has made a positive match to the Peter James Audio recorded 19 years ago for the hit SciFi Channel show Sightings. 19 years ago world renowned psychic Peter James recorded an extended conversation with Jackie the talking ghost on the Hotel Queen Mary. Now She has been captured again on 2 separate audio recorders. The two audio clips have been matched. this new evidence is ground breaking for the field of the paranormal. Never before in history have two recordings on one entity been recorded and matched. These are not evp but an extended, audible conversation between the living and the dead that lasted over 15 minutes! More test results to be released as they come in.

NOTICE:Planet Paranormal Investigations is looking for qualified linguists and audio analysis specialists in the Scientific, Law Enforcement, Military or any other agency outside the paranormal community who is willing to analyze this audio and try to match it with Peter James audio or do any other audio analysis you feel is important. We want only people qualified and willing to put in writing their findings whatever they may be. Please contact Robert Davis at: [email protected]