Justified Religious Beliefs and The Paranormal

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This is not disproving anyones religion or state of mind, just clear your mind for a second. You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to. But PLEASE think for yourself.

I feel that some people (very VERY select few) are justified in their beliefs and practices.

The people I know are exactly what society is breeding, closed minded people who unquestioningly follow what is told to them with no evidence to prove it is true. For the sake of argument I will use things commonly believed in and things commonly discarded as fairy-tales. In other words, religion and myths.

I am writing this because of a disagreement with my father and it started when he turned on the television and flipped to a show about the elusive creature named “Big Foot.” He is a devoted Christian follower and yet he strongly does not believe in things most would call the supernatural. And yet these two are the same to me, and they are completely different to him.

The people that I now believe are the only ones who should practice religion, are the ones that practice EVERY religion and believe in EVERY myth (including the alien phenomenon.) My thinking for this is that all myths and religion and such are not what would be considered the average everyday experience. Whether it is an encounter with a beast not classified in our files or a being that controls every millisecond of our lives and controls unfathomable powers.

And despite how similar these two things actually are, there is a huge divide between them in the common person’s knowledge. Most people are raised up to be of a certain faith and the same with belief in the cousin to religion, the supernatural. But while religion is about worship, the supernatural is about chasing the elusive. Could it not be just as easily switched around and worship of the supernatural become common as well as the hunt for the facts of our creation become the norm? Ahhh but then people would not be doing what they were taught and we would no longer be drones in our society would we? Would that be moral and humane?

And when we strayed from these boundaries what would be left? No more holy wars, the coming together of the people by the people, and possibly world peace. But now I am straying from the focus of this article.

The old myths that were so commonly excepted by society in the late millenium have all but become bedtime stories or urban legends in the days that I have grown up in. Why is it that the myths disappear or become unimportant while religion continues to blossom, but without any new evidence as to its purpose other than that it is “the right thing?” Is it that myths are not drilled into the heads of the young? Or perhaps it is because disregarding a myth does not condemn you to punishment, as the denouncing of God would submit one to Hell. Perhaps it is the new technology we have been developing, satellites that can see most everything on Earth, radar, infrared; with these advances we would surely be able to find a creature in the wild without any problem. Maybe the people would feel inferior to know that creatures just as smart as we but with more natural defences roam this planet along with us, ones who would be considered gods in the old world. Whatever the case, myths have faded from the public eye.

But what really tickles me is the evidence, and the lack there of. Bite marks of El Chupakabras have been found on its victims and the footprints of Yeti have been found. Alien abduction scenarios have been unearthed during hypnotic regression sessions and ghosts have been captured in videos and pictures. Now, given, some or most of these may be hoaxes. But what little evidence left after the fake is eliminated is still evidence. And now I move on to my point. Evidence of God : none.

Now, I am over exaggerating when I say that there is no evidence of God. There is evidence. The word of mouth. Yes, it’s true if you really think about it. The only evidence we have that there truely is a supreme deity is the word of men, and can that really be trusted? Can you truely accept every single word that comes from man’s mouth? If so then there would be no reason to doubt the existence of a God. But the fact is, you cannot, and so, we have no evidence of our creator.

So how is it that while myths have lost meaning that religion remains a constant?

Certainly the phenomenon known as extraterrestrials has yet to become a fact and at the same time, so does the existence of a supreme being. The unexplained is still the unexplained, even today when we have made so many advances. Today’s scientists blow the old beliefs off as uncivilized or superstition while there are some (I don’t know the percentage) that are unshakingly religious. Modern day “enlightened” scientists do not believe in anything that they cannot open up in front of them on a dissection tray, excepting God.

To question things that are questionable you must question them all and not select few (unless you enjoy being hypocritical.) To condemn the ideas of those who believe in the supernatural (including myself) you condemn yourself. After all, most beliefs are rooted in fact although they may have changed substantially over the years i.e. Jesus, extraterrestrials, dragons. But at the same time, to condemn one religion over another is doing the exact same thing. I realize and except that I am being closed minded by denouncing religion and believing in the supernatural, and i accept it.

I am going to say that religion remains because of the fear we instill early into the minds of the youth. It is the same as rascism and nationalism except that it is harder to change or stray from. In making choices for the young, we repeat the cycle, and this must truely be what was meant when they said history repeats itself and that we will be doomed to our mistakes unless your change life itself.

And so, I now say that I respect those that practice all religion and believe in everything, for those are the ones that question. But those, like my father, who believe that one religion is above another, that is plain stupidity. The point I am trying to get across is OPEN YOUR EYES