Kimberly and the Orphanage of Haunted Dolls

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Orphan Haunted Dolls such as Earl (pictured) may look Eerie, but have a heart of gold.It is a rare pleasure to run across a website that is so unusual and so perfect as Kimberly’s House of Haunted Dolls.  Kimberly has gathered over the years several dolls as many people find themselves doing, but with one major difference: Kimberly’s Doll adoption agency deals exclusively with dolls containing the ghosts of the departed.  Through email contact I interviewed Kimberly, intrigued about her house of haunted dolls.

Kimberly Gunn, herself an avid enthusiast of the paranormal, has through several experiences over the course of her life discovered an unusual and often forgotten phenomenon.  After acquiring her first haunted doll a passing hobby quickly became a serious endeavor as she personally confirmed to herself that such an entity could not only exist, but could also actually have its spirit localized inside a doll.  At first apprehensive, it soon became apparent to her that the entities she contacted meant her no harm, but rather wished for the same sorts of things they wanted in life, including attention.  Her journey into the unknown had only just begun.

“Over the years (and many more dolls) my experiences have varied from hearing funny knocking sounds, movement, voices, doors slamming, being touched, hair pulling, spikes on the EMF detector, very clear EVP recordings, and yes full bodied apparitions,” Kimberly revealed through email, though the experiences she has had have not gone to her head necessarily, “I’m not saying I’m an expert by any means, but these are my personal experiences and my beliefs.”

Kimberly suggests that the media influenced idea of a demonic haunted doll are often a misconception, and that she has personally been acquainted with several such haunted dolls that were neither demonic or even particularly negative.  She furthermore illustrates that in her experience the dolls have been used as a point of reference for the paranormal entity rather than all of the paranormal activity happening exclusively in the doll’s direct vicinity.

When asked about the nature of her haunted doll adoption agency, Kimberly revealed that she loves helping people to find the right home.  It seemed only natural that some dolls would not get along well with their new owners, so she often gets questions about the frequency the prospective adopters send the dolls back.  With some simple advice, a positive attitude, and a little luck Kimberly says many people find adopting a haunted doll to be a positive experience.  But Kimberly maintains that at this point none of her adopters have sent the dolls back, and she has only heard positive stories from her buyers who enjoy their newfound contact with the other side.

But still more questions are left that would have to be contained in a future story.  How frequently do the dolls manifest?  What has happened in the past?  What are some success stories?  As we explore Kimberly’s relationship with the paranormal we take a closer look at some of the experiences she and others have had surrounding her mysterious house of dolls.