Lady Gaga Plagued by Spirits

With rumors flying that Lady Gaga is intensely interested in the occult, the musician is quickly gaining notoriety as this generation’s connection to the strange and otherworldly.  And yet her outfits are not the only thing that seem to be gaining her a reputation as a savant of the strange.  It would seem her fascination and sensitivity to the concept of death has sent her searching for equipment that will assist her in both understanding and avoiding “negative energy”

Lady Gaga is rumored to have told those around her that a mysterious energy is following her.  Some have even used the term “evil spirits.”  But the forces at work here are not simply following her.  They are actually interfering with the musician’s ability to perform while off stage.  Dan Webb, an aid of hers has said that the kit she brought manifests energy everywhere she goes so the paranormal phenomena appears to be emanating from Lady Gaga herself.  With the assistance of Electromagnetic Radiation detectors and other implements of ghost detection.  Temperatures are reported to fluctuate in Gaga’s presence, and the musician herself reports that she was afraid that she may have had a mental   breakdown.

Some are reportedly concerned over the hauntings.  There is a long history of hauntings associated with famous musicians.  Elvis Presley, throughout his life said he was in constant contact with his twin brother who died long before he was born.  But this energy following Lady Gaga is apparently of a more “sinister” nature.  She reportedly was so concerned with the apparitions appearing to her, she thought she had somehow developed a mental imbalance, but was relieved when others around her also reported seeing strange happenings in her presence.  There is no confirmation that the strange activity has subsided since her taking a more proactive role in response to the activity.  The “bad energy” may still be following her on tour, or it may have been successfully dealt with by the tools and the cleansing she has begun to use.

Being called the “ghostbuster device” by the general media, she will no doubt be considered an eccentric for its use, but those who have lived with the presence of spiritual energy they cannot explain will not be adding anything but sympathy and well wishes for the star as she puts on her poker face for the skeptics out there.

Other celebrities who have been haunted by ghosts are Sammy Hagar, Janis Joplin, Nicholas Cage, Keanu Reeves, Matthew McCaunoghey, Dan Aykroyd of Ghostbusters fame, and scores more.  Uma Thurmon was driven from the house of her dreams by a mysterious entity that haunted her and her husband Ethan Hawke.  Ex Beatle Paul McCartney along with the two other surviving Beatles reported the ghost of John Lennon appearing around them and causing his usual brand of mischief.  It seems fame is not something that will protect you from the paranormal, though it may give you the resources to deal with the problem in more ways than the average person.