Latoya Jackson Sees Michael’s Ghost

Michael Jackson’s ghost was spotted by Latoya, in what many are calling Michael’s last “Thriller” act.  Latoya, who’s relationship was once thought to be quite rocky with MJ, claims the ghost also flicks on and off lights and makes appearances for both her sister Janet and her manager Jeffre.  The appearance may sound like something out of one of Michael’s music videos, but these sightings come as no surprise to several fans, who claim the King of Pop has made an attempt to contact them as well.

In the early days after Mr. Jackson died of a drug overdose, CNN did an Exclusive piece on Neverland Ranch and Michaels last days on earth.  In a startling clip that has since gone viral, a shadowy figure can be seen moon walking across the hallway, causing quite a stir.  Some claim the figure is merely a trick of light, while others say it is the most convincing image of Michael Jackson’s ghost to date.  Since that time MJ’s face has appeared in photographs, tree trunks, a half-eaten toasted cheese sandwich, and even his voice has been recorded during a live radio interview.

This sudden onslaught of Michael Jackson ghost sightings has not, however, been completely left to celebrities and the mainstream media.  Conservative estimates number the Michael Jackson ghost sightings reported in the hundreds, though it more likely would be thousands by this point.  Several internet forums and even entire web-sites have dedicated themselves to the phenomena of sharing sightings of the ghost of the late king of pop.  Photos have been taken of him strolling through a funeral home, to a smiling image taken over an unsuspecting person’s shoulder in Brazil.

Is there more to these sightings, or are they just another unfortunate side effect of a culture, still wanting to make contact with a loved celebrity now on the other side of the mortal curtain?  The death of Elvis Presley, for example, left many fans with a sense of bereavement that would only be quelled when Presley’s apparition would appear to them and comfort their world weary hearts.  To this day the ghost of Marilyn Monroe is seen in Hollywood Hills every now and again.

Of course this particular celebrity’s ghost holds extra sway considering his eccentric later years, and his obsession with the spookier side of pop culture.  Several of Jackson’s own music videos depicted him as a monster or a ghost, including his most famous music video and dance number “Thriller.”

Latoya’s sighting happened at night, when she was awakened and saw Michael standing in the curtains just above her bed.  Perhaps recalling the tumultuous relationship the two celebrities had shared over the years, she turned the lights on and called out to him.  “His eyes were open and he appeared peaceful.  I turned on the lights and asked, ‘Michael, do you wish to go to the other side?’”  The celebrity, seen wearing the same pearls he was buried in, then vanished.  It’s unknown if Layota believes this was MJ’s final crossing over, or if Michael’s final nationwide tour will rise again.