Learn to Generate A TON of PSYCHIC ENERGY

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Learn to Generate A TON of PSYCHIC ENERGY


Much of our understanding of the invisible universe depends on knowledge and handling of invisible energies. To handle energies that are not visible seems to be one of the main characteristics of human beings. This characteristic is the result of the human capability to abstract. It is the probing into what is beyond the scope of everyday experience that eventually led mankind to modern technologies, and to modem concepts of space and time. Knowledge of the laws governing electromagnetic energies determines practically all contemporary theory of the universe, from descriptions of majestic galaxies all the way down to sub-atomic physics. Visible night is but a small section of the large electromagnetic vibrations. Most of this spectrum is invisible. Analysis of the concepts of visible light and the expansion these concepts led to knowledge of the electromagnetic energy and its many applications in modern technologies: from power plants to computers and space craft. We can explain many of the phenomena of heat, acoustics, chemical reactions, etc., as being expressions of electromagnetic energy.

There is another energy that mankind experienced for as long as they roamed this planet. This energy that mankind seems even more mysterious because of its seeming elusiveness. We cannot see it as easily as we can see visible light can nor can we feel it as markedly as heat.. This energy is life force. It is everywhere around us. In other words, we are in an ocean of energy of both life forces and of electromagnetic waves.

Life force has received many names throughout the ages:

People of ancient India called it PRANA. The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from knowledge of prana. The ancient Chinese called it CHI. The practices of Tai and Chi Gong came from this knowledge. The Polynesians called the mysterious life force Mana, and derived from it the practices of Kahuna. Practitioners in the West used many words for this energy: Life force, Animal magnetism, Solar ether, Odic force, Psychic, and many more.

Serious scientist of all ages knew of this energy, and recently they formulated some very basic characteristics of this psychic energy, or life force. These scientist found out that there are considerable differences between life energy and electromagnetic energy. In some way, both energies act like opposite polarities of one and the same basic principle.

Of both forms of energy, only a small fraction is perceivable by human beings with the apparatus of their senses. Both energies pulsate. That’s what these energies have in common.

Very Important are the differences between the two energy forms. Energies that belong to the electromagnetic spectrum of light tend to achieve a balance when a higher potential gets in contact with a cold one, a lower potential. If you bring a hot body in contact with a cold one, a heat exchange occurs until both bodies have the same temperature. Physicists call this process this process ENTROPY. With Life force, the opposite is the case. When a body of high life force potential comes in contact with a body of lower potential, a process takes place that we call NEGATIVE ENTROPY. In this process the stronger potential draws energy from the weaker one, and it becomes stronger.

Still more marked is the difference of the SPACE in which both energies act. As we all know, the electromagnetic energies diminish in intensity with the square of the distance. That’s why we need amplifiers of considerable strength if we want to pick up radio waves from a very distant radio transmitter. This principle is valid for the space time continuum of the physicist. People of all ages who used life energies knew of the power of psychic links, or identical structures. Once a person working with life energies such as a healer has a psychic link, he or she can bridge space and establish a link to the target, no matter how distant the target may be. It is obvious that work with life energies requires a new model of space. This model looks quite different from the space-time that the physicist describes. It is a hyper space in which identical objects create WARPS, or direct contacts.

The problem that physicists of the establishment and academia have with life energies lies exactly in these differences. Life energies are mainly generated and used by living beings. For the past two hundred years, pranayama, chi gong, and other practices with life energies stayed outside hard core science. This is so because up to now there was no machine available that measures or generates life energy. Academia gibly ignores the fact that millions of people successfully used and use this energy. Hyper spaces abd warps are beyond the narrow minded conceptions of the dried up academic scientist.

Scientist of HSCTI (Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International) have solved this problem. Not only did they develop new instruments that actually measure life energies, such as the AURA METER, but also instruments that generate life energies: the famous WELZ GENERATORS. the first commercially available Welz Generator is the EDGE Psychic Power Generator, or EPG 2000. The EDGE is a machine with truly amazing potential. You can use it in any application that requires the generating of STRONG fields of psychic energy! HSCTI will demonstrate life energy to you! Also for this Purpose This Document will be set up as a Structural link..

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