Lisa Williams Speaks with the Dead

After flicking through the channels, the Lifetime station aired a commercial for a new season of a show I had never known existed. It is called “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead,” and it grabbed my attention. Of course, I have seen mediums on television, and while many are skeptical as to whether or not people can “talk” to the dead, I happen to believe it is possible, but not exactly in the sense that self-proclaimed mediums and clairvoyants claim.


Lisa Williams was born in Birmingham, England, which isn’t hard to tell from the accent. Her appearance is intriguing with her leather jacket and spiky dyed hair. She’s doesn’t appear as the common vision of the “typical” medium. Staying in the line with the current reality show trend (which doesn’t seem to be losing steam anytime soon), her show follows this format. On a typical day, the audience gets to see what she does as she communicates with the dead, explores haunted houses, and engages in other ghost-hunting adventures.


Since it is pretty hard to verify whether or not she has actually spoken to the deceased people that she claims to have communicated with after their death (notably Princess Diana, Bob Hope, and Ray Charles), it’s still interesting to explore her craft and take a peek at a show. Investigating her background, I found her website and scanned the questions and answers page. To gain a clearer understanding of what she does, I have included a few excerpts as to how she has answered such inquiries:


When asked how she does what she does, Williams answers:


“I work through energies, I often hold on to a personal item of yours. I will build up the energy between us. It helps if you are open and ready to receive the information. If you come with the intention to ‘test’ then the information may not be clear and you will have wasted your time and money. I am able to communicate with loved ones passed over and I will give their messages to you. I will also be given information about you and your life now and some of the pathways that you will find yourself on. I see information like it is a moving picture, I hear the information and I also feel emotions.”


Apparently, she doesn’t have to hold onto a personal object and can use voice vibrations to build energy. When asked how this process works over the telephone, Williams replies:

“Just like if you were face to face, I have to build up the energy between us, so it is important that if I ask a question, you speak up and I am able to hear you clearly. I work with voice vibrations, but I will never ask you a leading question. It works just as well over the phone as it does face to face.”

Since apprehension is a common part of clairvoyance, some people anticipate becoming frightened. When asked if the process is scary, Williams answers:
“You will be surprised how often I get asked that question! Some people who come for readings feel nervous, anxious or even a little scared but everyone goes away feeling happy, and enlightened by the whole experience, you will not be scared at all.”


People are often concerned whether or not they will feel or see anything , Williams states that:
“Unless you have spiritual abilities yourself you will not see or feel anything.”

People interested in contacting the dead often wonder how long one has to have passed before communication is possible. Williams answers:


” ”¦I can communicate with spirits that have recently passed over often less than 4 weeks. I was personally surprised to be getting messages from my own grandfather within hours of his passing.”