Looking for More Haunted Places in Oregon?

If you’re ever in the Oregon area and looking for a spooky place to pass by or investigate, consider some of the locations mentioned in this article, which includes the Valley Theatre in Beaverton, as well as the Lausanne Hall University in Salem. Other haunted sites include a middle school, cursed house, and a haunted cemetery and church.

Lausanne Hall University , Salem

Head for the dormitory and you may encounter the ghost of a young woman, who likes to dwell in the attic. This is a report that has come from the maintenance workers and has apparently affected the student body, as no one wants to claim this space as their own.

Leslie Middle School , Salem

The students at this middle school know all too well the tale of the ghost who is said to haunt the premises. It believed to be none other than the founder of the school, Mr. Leslie.

High School Auditorium , St. Helens

The ghost of a woman who died in the auditorium is believed to call this site her haunting grounds in the afterlife. Witnesses claim to have seen her spirit as she paid a visit to the lighting booth or sometimes chooses to sit in one of the chairs.

Roosevelt High School , St. Johns

There is a rumor that a 16-year-old boy that took his own life is now the subject of a haunting that takes place at the Roosevelt Tower. His haunting time of choice is during the nighttime.

Congress House , Bend

There has been more than one person who has claimed to sighted ghosts at this house, which dates back to the turn of the century. It is believed that this house is possessed by a curse, as a couple of families have been known to live here and suffered bouts of misfortune. This includes deaths, as well as unexpected tragedy.

Valley Theatre , Beaverton

If you’d like to catch an inexpensive movie while trying to catch sight of an odd poltergeist that is said to have haunted the premises for years , don’t ignore the power of an old discount theater. A strange report first surfaced about the establishment in 1994 , when crews descended upon the theater to conduct renovation. Witnesses claim a threatening creature that seemed to have a knack for pulling pranks and following the workers around chased them. Because of the strangeness about the worksite, a handful of workers quit and would not set foot back onto the site. It is said that workers and visitors still experience unexplainable occurrences.

Ebenezer Chapel , Dayton

At this cemetery and chapel, you may come in contact with the same sightings of spirits that are often blamed for the odd occurrences that take place at this location.

Opera House , Elgin

This site is believed to have the haunting of two ghosts. Legend has it that in the late 1800’s, the town bore witness to a gunfight, which started over a local woman who lived in the vicinity. On the front steps of the opera house, two men begin to fight , using their six shooters to fire at one another. The ghosts are then seen holding their chests as if shot and dropping to the ground.