Meryl Streep Not Alone in Haunting

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Meryl Streep, often said to be one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, may be closer to the paranormal than we once thought.  The actress has been haunted by mysterious sounds that suddenly appear in her guest house without warning.  But as far as celebrities who see and hear ghosts, Streep is not alone.  Hollywood has a long history of talented people who have had a brush with the otherworldly.

The Daily Express reported Streep’s encounters with the paranormal when she said she was down by the pool with others and suddenly heard a noise similar to a piano crashing on the second story of her guest house.  When they went up to investigate what could have caused the mysterious incident they found nothing out of place – and could find no explanation for what could have caused it.  Other incidents followed, including one where visitors to her Hollywood home from Japan awoke suddenly one morning and reported seeing a spirit in the house.  It was unusual to say the least, but when it comes to Hollywood haunts, it doesn’t seem out of place.  Hundreds of film stars and entertainers have reported seeing evidence of the paranormal.

Perhaps one of the most well known celebrities connected to the paranormal is Dan Aykroyd, star of films ranging from Blues Brothers to Ghost Busters.  Aykroyd has been a long-time proponent of the possibility that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial interests and in 2009 Dan Aykroyd’s father Peter published a book entitled “A History of Ghosts” detailing the history the family had with spiritualists and a compendium of lore on the subject.  Aykroyd himself has described seeing unusual figures similar to the Men in Black while talking on the phone with Brittany Spears.

But it’s not just acting talent that has had a brush with the paranormal.  Singer Lady Gaga reportedly in November of 2010 was troubled by the presence of unwanted spirits who followed her on tour.  Allegedly Gaga even went so far as to have experts present to track the movements of these spiritual entities citing fear as a motivating factor.  And La Toya Jackson has reported that their family has been visited on multiple occasions by the King of Pop Michael Jackson since his death in 2009.  Elvis similarly was reported to have haunted friends and fans long after his death including at its height in the 1990’s.  And celebrity ghosts have been around for centuries leading all the way back to Great Caesar’s Ghost at the height of the Roman Empire.  After the death of Abraham Lincoln, he was not only seen but photographed alongside his wife – still living at the time – by acclaimed ghost photographer William Mummler.

While Streep’s ghost may not be unique, it’s certainly interesting to note that Streep herself is often widely described as hardly the typical Hollywood actress.  She has been lauded for her strong presence both on-screen and off by fans and friends alike for years.  And as far as credible witnesses to paranormal phenomena, it would be difficult to find someone more well received than Meryl Streep.