Miamitown Paranormal Fest

Miamitown’s First Annual Paranormal Fest!

October 10, 2009

11:00am – 7:00pm

7998 Main Street

Cleves, OH 45201


Speakers Schedule

11:45AM – Miamitown Ghost Tours

1:00PM – Indiana Kentucky Ohio Paranormal Society (IKOPS)

2:00PM – Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research (CAPER)

4:00PM – Paranormal Outreach Radio live broadcast

5:00PM – Jeff Craig/Hidden Ohio

 6:00PM – James Willis


(subject to change)

Psychic Rayne

Joedy Cook of the Ohio Center For Bigfoot Studies

Trisate Paranormal of Northern Kentucky

America’s Haunted Road Trip

Legend Trackers of Ohio

Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers (SOAR)


Miamitown Halloween crafts


(subject to change)

Face Painting

Pumpkin Painting

3:00PM – Junior Ghost Hunt brought to you by CAPER

4:00PM – Live radio broadcast from Paranormal Outreach Radio brought to you by NKYPS

8:00PM – Tour by Miamitown Ghost Tours; sign up at our table at the event


Miamitown’s Paranormal Fest

For Immediate Release: Miamitown Paranormal Fest!

October 10, 2009

On Saturday, October 10th, 2009, from 11a.m. to 7p.m., Miamitown Ghost Tours and the Miami Historical Society of Whitewater Township will be hosting the first annual Miamitown Paranormal Fest. Vendors from all over the Cincinnati community and the paranormal community are coming together for this event!

Many of the biggest names in the Ohio paranormal field will be in attendance for this event. James Willis, the author of Weird Ohio and founder/director of Ghosts of Ohio will give an hour long presentation along with fellow Ghosts of Ohio member and creator of the Hidden Ohio Paranormal Map, Jeff Craig. Ghost investigation groups from the tri-state area, CAPER (Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research), IKOPS (Indiana Kentucky Ohio Paranormal Society), and NKYPS (Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society), will also be giving informative presentations throughout the day. Further, the founders of Miamitown Ghost Tours and authors of Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio, Jeff and Michael Morris, will be giving their own presentation and selling autographed copies of their book.

Many other paranormal names will be present, ready and willing to talk to whomever wishes to hear what they have to say. Joedy Cook, founder of the Ohio Center for Bigfoot Studies, will be there to talk about Bigfoot and his recent appearance on the ‘Ohio Grassman’ episode of History Channel’s Monsterquest. Legend Trackers of Ohio will also be there, along with the psychic Rayne and paranormal groups TSP (Tri-State Paranormal) and SOAR (Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers). America’s Haunted Road Trip will also be present to promote their series of paranormal books by authors like John Kachuba.

If this weren’t enough, Cincinnati radio stations, 96 Rock & 92.5 The Fox, will be promoting this event throughout most of September and into October! Also there will be several other activities here that will help get you in the mood for Halloween. For kids there will be face painting, pumpkin painting, and a junior ghost hunt (brought to you by CAPER). There will also be crafts and food available brought to you by the Miami Historical Society of Whitewater Township.

Speakers will be talking throughout the day so come anytime between 11 and 7 for the greatest paranormal fest to ever take place in Cincinnati!

Admission is free! Bring the kids, bring your friends, you’re sure to have a good time!

All details are subject to change.