More Haunted Colleges in Alabama

The next time you pass by the University of North Alabama in Florence, keep in mind the potential for paranormal exploration. You will certainly find a handful of ghost stories and haunted tales connected to the school. In this article, paranormal activity cited at Heritage Bible College, Troy State University, and Stillman College are also discussed.

University of North Alabama , Florence

Throughout the University of North Alabama area, students have been told over the years about the strange happenings and ghosts that supposedly haunt the school grounds. Before it was constructed, the Guillot University Center was once a dorm for girls for the Florence State Teacher’s College. During the early 1900’s, rumor had it that the reason a student attending the college hung herself from an elevator shaft in the tower of a building was because she held a secret that was eating her up inside. Some security guards have reported sounds that resembled something hanging from a rope. Today, the Guillot Center stands where the former Teacher’s College once stood and weird noises still haunt the second floor.

A ghost called George is believed to haunt the Norton Auditorium at the college. George was a construction worker who participated in building the auditorium, where he met his death after falling from a scaffold. Some people claim to hear his footsteps on the catwalk and other odd noises.

During the late 1930s or early 1940s, the off campus bookstore once accommodated residents, like a young girl named Molly, who lived with her parents. When Molly turned 11 years old, her parents gave her a puppy for her birthday. However, the puppy contracted rabies and bit her hand , transmitting the disease that ultimately took her life one week later. It is said that the ghost of Molly haunts the premises, where she can be seen looking down out of the upstairs window.

Stillman College , Tuscaloosa

On the second floor of Hay Hall, one of the rooms is believed haunted by the ghost of a girl who used to live there. The third floor of the hall is also haunted by strange voices and loud sounds, which is peculiar because no one has lived on the third floor in years.

Heritage Bible College , Huntsville

At the WHBC Frat House, the presence of the former youth minister Anthony Stephens is said to walk about the house throughout the night. At times, he is blamed for the unexplainable flushing of the toilet. It is believed that the ghosts of his former brethren (namely Robert Ekisbus and Adam Cooper) still follow him around making sounds that resemble the word, “cheese”.

Troy State University , Troy

The sighting of a female ghost and weird noises has been detected at Pace Hall in Troy State University. Some objects have been known to shake and move without warning.