New South Wales Tales

Down under in Australia, there is an area by the name of New South Wales, which possesses a ton of tales dealing with the unexplainable and unknown. Some of the places that you will hear of include haunted high school auditoriums to a ghost who makes their dwelling at a college chapel.

The Asquith Girls High School is said to be haunted where strange noises can be heard coming from the hall and other parts of the school, describing the sounds as resembling the screams of young girls. It is also not uncommon for people to dodge bricks or tiles which fall from the roof. It is said that ghosts are responsible for such falling objects.

The Machatti Park found in Bathurst is a site where numerous screams can be heard when it is thought that no one is around. When passing through Siena College in Camberwell, the shadows of people who are not visible to the eye have been reported from various teachers and students. During the light of day, many have also claimed to spot “white ghosts” roaming about the school chapel. Some believe that the ghost comes from a nun who used to reside in the chapel.

In Canberra, a creek can be found in Duffy where the ghost of a young girl is said to haunt a house that is located nearby. The little girl has visited the former owners plenty of times; confined near the lake because it is also the location where she drowned to death near the 1900s. When you reach Mount Cotton, you will encounter a place referred to as “Spook Hill.” Some say that if you turn off your car and get out, then the car will roll up the hill on its own.

The Monte Cristo Homestead in Cootamundra is said to be haunted by an evil vibe about the place. When a child enters what is called the “Boy’s Room,” they may experience a serious asthma attack even though they show no history of the condition. At this location, there is a dairy where a man claimed to have been attacked by an unknown force.

In Sydney, Australia, there are tales involving the Berry Camp Sports and Recreational Center where the girls’ side of the camping site is said to be haunted. Stories also are told of this place where naughty male campers were locked up and murdered. The grounds surrounding the Blue Mountains have been avoided by many aboriginals because it is said that a strange presence can be felt upon entering. The Castle Hill High School is said to be haunted by a former student who had committed suicide. One of the most intriguing happenings at this high school, is the sight of floating orbs throughout the hallways, accompanied by the sounds of a screaming girl.

Other haunted tales regarding Sydney include an apparition of a man that is said to haunt the Capitol Theater, as well as claims that a “ghost dog” can be encountered chasing students who pass through the school grounds during the night. New South Wales is also filled with haunted spots, such as Quarantine Station, Wakehurst Parkway, King George Avenue in Tamworth, the Wentworth Jail, as well as the Wombarra Cemtery in Wollongong.