No cemetery at Topeka High School

Last Updated on May 26, 2020 by admin

There are many references on the Internet to Topeka (Kan.) High School being built over a graveyard. It was not.
It’s haunted, we are convinced, but not because of that.
The story goes that tunnels connect the school to the graveyard. In fact, there is an extensive basement to serve the two-blocks wide, three-story school, but there are no tunnels to graveyards.
The closest graveyard would have been eight blocks away, and it was vacated 70 years before the current high school building even existed. The original high school building was constructed 10 years after the downtown Topeka cemetery was vacated and was six blocks away.
That spirits would wish to linger in this most extraordinary of schools is quite believable, but please cease trying to make this a “Poltergeist” story.
Lisa Sandmeyer
Vice President
Topeka High School Historical Society