North Dakota Paranormal and Ghostly Tales

CusterAs you explore the paranormal and ghostly tales of North Dakota, you will encounter locations like Jamestown, where the Anne Carleson School for Children has a ghostly resident or the legend of Lost Bridge in Killdeer. This article mentions a variety of scary sights and tales.

As for the schools in the North Dakota region, you will find the Horace Elementary in Horace, which has had many reports dealing with the sound of unexplainable footsteps or the sighting of ghosts that appear throughout the night. In Mandaree, the Mandaree Public School is where you will encounter a haunted locker room for the girls, where voices are heard and some witnesses claim to have seen unexplainable figures. Sometimes, the sound of basketballs bouncing is heard in the gym, as well as unknown footsteps. Other odd occurrences have also been known to take place. Overall, Mandaree has a reputation for paranormal events, as it is said witches and spirits haunt the town.

In Jamestown, there are plenty of scary sites to consider, namely the Anne Carleson School for Children, where numerous sightings center on the presence of a small blonde-haired girl who is believed to walk about the hallways. It is said that she will appear in the laundry room , sitting in the corner , staring at you. The dorm rooms have also been the sites for various odd occurrences.

Kroeze Hall in Jamestown is the location where you will find the haunted room D15. It is here that the tale of a college student with an obsessive-compulsive disorder dealing with Rubik’s Cubes took their own life when one of their fellow peers stole his game. It is believed that the student still haunts the room to this day. In Jamestown, Watson Hall is also a curiosity, as a young girl (between the ages of 5 and 7) was spotted walking up and down the 2nd floor of the hall during the middle of the night. Additionally, the first floor has encountered a wide-range of weird events, including bottles that fly off of dressers for no reason, the unexplainable slamming of doors, and posters that become ripped off of walls.

In Killdeer, there is the Lost Bridge, which is surrounded by the highway in town, where some people claim to have spotted a hoofed man as they dealt with their broken down car.

In Mandan, you will find Ft. Lincoln National Park, where visitors often check out the Custer House. It is said that Custer still haunts this site, which served as his former residence before he became a part of Little Big Horn.  The Mandan Community Center is also of interest to those into the paranormal scene. It is here that a 16-year-old boy was discovered hanging in the building during the same time that construction was taking place. His death was labeled an apparent suicide. To this day, unexplainable noises emerge from the swimming area locker room, as well as the sight of wet footprints about the concrete walkways although no one has been seen in the building. All of this is attributed to the ghost of the lost soul who took his own life.