NY Knicks Blame Loss on Ghost

No doubt the New York Knicks were surprised when they traded shooting hoops for shooting photos of their ghostly visitor over the weekend. The team says they blame their loss to Oklahoma City on a lack of sleep due to haunting.  No doubt this will not hurt business of the Skirvin Plaza Hotel as they trade prospective basketball teams for paranormal investigators in the future.  The spectral sports-fan allegedly badgered the basketball team from dusk till dawn keeping them awake with all manner of paranormal activities.

The team complained of the mysterious activities waking them up in the middle of the night and keeping them from getting a proper night’s rest, but the night manager, not imbued with powers over the supernatural said his hands were tied, and the unearthly sounds cost the team a good night’s sleep.  The ghost’s real name is unknown, but staff members call her “Effie.”  The woman’s ghost was of a maid who worked at the Hotel and committed suicide by plunging from a high window to her death with her baby in her arms.  Of the paranormal occurrences appearing at the hotel, the cries of the baby can be heard in every room even when no babies are present at the hotel.  When it was closed in 1988, and remained empty for fifteen years the mysterious sounds of a baby crying could still be heard both inside the building and from the street as passersby would report to the police.

However, the building is open once again after an almost $50 million renovation.  The only downside is, it doesn’t appear the ghosts haunting the building are very big fans of the renovations.  Since the building reopened, the amount of supernatural energy in the building has been monumentally straining on both the staff and guests.  One witness to the paranormal activity in Skirvin was so frightened by their experience that they recommended the city of Oklahoma abandon the project.  In addition to the cries of the baby, others have seen objects move and fly off shelves by some otherworldly force, heard a woman screaming at all hours of the night, and felt a presence that seems strange and chilling.

And some even say the ghost of Effie will make lewd comments to them out of nowhere, and some have even spotted the figure standing behind them as they are showering and catch sight of her reflection in the mirror watching them.  Obviously this has been problematic for many staff who say it’s one of the creepiest things they’ve ever seen.

So will the Skirvin Plaza Hotel’s business suffer from this news?  Likely not.  The paranormal is more popular now than ever, and many would be ghost hunters are looking for new places to conduct their investigations.  As such, the Skirvin Plaza Hotel is a rare gem and we hope to hear plenty more ghost stories from within its walls.  Perhaps the Skirvin Plaza will make the decision to invest in a psychic or medium to help the spirits within find peace.