Observation Point Rock

Observation Point Rock, as it’s called throughout the services, has been occupied off and on since it was first acquired from the Taliban in 2008 when it was partially leveled by a missile.  Normally those watching at night are most effected by the mysterious eerie aura surrounding the place.  It’s east of Hassan Abad, and according to local historians it’s a cursed place that has been around since the time of Alexander the Great.

Peering through the reinforced windows and arrow slits into the darkest of nights when the new moon is out, some of the marines, brave men who have faced the horrors of violence are frightened by the mysterious wispy figures that meander through the walls and in the surrounding area.  Those on watch are reminded of the story one unnamed soldier had when staked out.  He came down to speak with a friend of his, indicating that a mysterious whispering had been heard while he was on duty.  They both ended up doing the shift together.  When later asked about his experience, the witness described the voice as an older Russian man who may have been one of the Russian skeletons found earlier.

According to those stationed at Observation Point Rock, a shovel cannot be stuck into the ground without running into several skeletons.  Apparently, the entire layer beneath the earth was covered with skeletons from several hundred years of wars.  Clearly Observation Point Rock has quite a history.  The most recent history is that of a group of Welsh guards who had also occupied the location.  When they left, the only evidence that remained behind were stories of strange lights in the sky seen alongside vaporous floating figures and hearing voices constantly throughout the night.

Of course paranormal entities, including ghosts, have always been seen in wartime locations, including the foo fighters spotted by army air corps pilots in World War II.  Even following the Enola Gay as it made its infamous bombing run to deliver a nuclear payload onto a populated city.  As the B-29 bomber took off, lights in the sky were spotted by ground witnesses.

Ghosts seem to have a tendency to show up in places that are remote, so it seems.  A stocked military base full of brave soldiers is not the most likely place to see or hear spirits, so it would seem.  Between the constant waiting, the lack of technological amenities, and the constant threat of gunfire and IEDs, it seems nerves would be stretched to the brink already.  Add in the constant eerie reminder of supernatural entities that may or may not be hostile, and it most certainly makes Observation Point Rock an unpleasant place to be stationed.

And the lights in the sky, be they extra dimensional entities popping in to observe recent military observations, or the ghosts of the dead who were killed during the long protracted wars spanning several years at a time throughout history, there is a constant reminder of death and the unknown even when the violence quiets down and the long wait remains.