Ohio Paranormal Convention (August 14 ,16, 2009) II

As we continue the details regarding the upcoming Ohio Paranormal Convention, you will learn about the speakers planned for mid-day Saturday and the last day of the convention (Sunday), which includes information concerning haunted historic locations in Maryland and the connection between archeology and ghosts.

At 2:30pm, Rie Sadler will present Overlooked on the Paranormal Map: Maryland’s Historic Haunts, which precedes a general session at 3:15pm that centers on the paranormal experiences of individuals, as well as the kinds of adventures that paranormal investigators have been involved with. Hopefully, the 4pm slot will present Andrew Beckham and The SPI Girls, who are at the time of this article, pending speakers.

At 4:45pm, guests will be able to enter the ‘strange and spooky’ world of James A Willis. Another meet and greet will take place at 5:30pm, where you’ll get a chance to mingle with other like-minded individuals. At 6pm, the vendor booths close and Dark Figure Productions takes over with the Hauntings of Clermont County at 6:15pm. At 7pm, the convention closes and reconvenes at 9am.


At 9am, the doors open and yet another opening ceremony takes off. At 9:30am, this is your last day to meet and greet fellow investigators. At 10am, vendor booths open and guests are given 45 minutes to browse the goods before speakers take on the mic again. As of right now, the slots for 10:45am and 11:30am are pending, but hopefully guests will have the chance to listen to Bob Hunnicutt and Beth Brown.

Another meet and greet is scheduled for 12:15pm , right before an anticipated appearance by Earle Benezet at 1pm. Chris Dedman will present The Dangers of Ghost Hunting at 1:45pm, followed by an exploration of basic research and investigation techniques associated with crytozoology , a presentation given by Brian D Parsons at 2:30pm.

Interested in ghosts? Perhaps Theatre, Archaeology, and Haunted Space: The Field Practices of a Ghost Excavation with John Sabol at 3:15pm will pique your interest. Afterwards, join in a general session, where an open discussion will take place regarding Investigative Theory , current and potential theories , at 4pm. Ghost Walk Productions is slated at 4:45pm , right before the last meet and greet of the Ohio Paranormal Convention (5:30pm). At 6pm, the vendor booths close to give way to the closing ceremonies at 6:30pm.

Hotel Information

If you are planning on participating in this event, keep in mind that the Holiday Inn Dayton North, located at 2301 Wagoner Ford Rd, Dayton, Ohio, is slated to host participants. With king beds, double beds, and suites, rates range from $79 to $109. ‎