One of Linda Linn’s Scary Ghost Encounters

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Twin Pond Ghost

( Dream or Real ? )

In 1972, when I was seventeen years old a friend had drown in a pond on a farm. It is called the Twin Ponds because there are two ponds close together. He had been swimming with his cousins. His name was Gary and he was nineteen years old. He had natural curly shoulder length black hair. About one or two months after he had died his mother called me wanting me to come and stay with her for a while because she was alone. She lived in walking distance of the ponds in a small house that had four rooms downstairs and one room upstairs on a country road where there are not very many cars. Gary’s room was the one that was upstairs. The stairs were the type that had a wall on each side and a door at the bottom of the stairs. His mother told me that I could sleep in his room but I did not want too. Everything was still the same as he had left it. It still looked as if he would be back at anytime so I stayed in a bedroom downstairs next to the stairs that lead to his bedroom. One night when I had went to sleep. I was either sleepwalking or dreaming, that I was walking down the road in the direction of the twin ponds. There was a bright full moon. As I was standing there wondering why I was walking alone on the road at night and where I was going, I saw someone walking up the road towards me from the ponds. As he got closer I saw that it was Gary, I tried to speak to him saying his name but he would not answer or look at me. He was walking at a slow pace, a few inches passed me with his head down and his eyes were half closed. I could have reach out and touched him but for some reason I did not. I saw that his hair was wet but it was not raining. Water was dripping off his hair and face and glistening in the moonlight. I watched him as he walked toward the house and disappeared. I guess he was going home.


What happened next is where it gets strange because I can swear that I was awake at this time. I woke up in bed thinking about the dream I just had when I got a funny feeling that I was being watched and that I was not alone. I turned over and looked at the open bedroom door. That is when I saw Gary standing there. He was leaning against the door with his arms crossed with a blank stare and smiling at me. He was wearing a white shirt with a v-neck, long baggy sleeves and dark pants, the same thing that he was wearing when I saw him on the road in my dream. The curtains were open and the moonlight came through the window so I could see him clearly and everything in the room. I rose up on my elbow smiling back at him. As I started to speak to him, he started moving towards me. This is when I became scared and threw the blankets over my head because he was not moving in a normal way. He was floating and gliding with his arms down to his sides and I saw nothing below his knees. That was when I remembered that he was dead. I had forgotten until then. While I was under the blankets I started praying real fast waiting for the blankets to move or for him to touch me. After a few minutes that seemed like forever I peeped out from under the blankets and saw nothing so I jumped out of the bed and ran across the room and turned on the lights. I must have made alot of noise when my feet hit the hardwood floor and getting to the wall where the light switch was because his mother came running into the room from her bedroom with just her nightgown on and a worried look on her face asking me what was wrong. I lied and told her that there was nothing wrong. It was embarrassing for waking her up in the middle of the night and also I did not want to tell her that I thought I had seen her son’s ghost. Then she started laughing and said “You are lying!” “You saw Gary didn’t you”. “I know you did”. “I can tell by the way you are acting and the look on your face”. “You are real pale”. “He wont hurt you”. “I see him all the time”. ( That did not help any! ) I already knew he would not hurt me. That was not what scared me. I was not scared of him until I remembered that he was dead. We went back to bed and I slept with the light on the rest of the night. When it became daylight I told her that I wanted to go home but she wanted me to stay with her, telling me again that Gary would not hurt me. As it was getting dark out the more nervous and scared I became. So she let me go home. I could not spend another night there. I still went and spent time with her during the day but I would not stay there at night. I would leave just before it started getting dark. She has died sense then and I know she is with her son now. It has been thirty years now and I still cannot go to the house at night.


I was told from other people who have lived in the house that Gary could be heard running up and down the stairs to his bedroom.

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