One of the Most Haunted States in the U.S.

When you think of the state within the U.S. that possesses some of the most haunted places within one state, it is Michigan that is high up on the list. Some of the most notable haunted spots include the Michigan Bell Telephone in Grand Rapids; the Halstead House in Coldwater; the Reynolds Cemetery located in Jackson, as well as Flint’s Cornwall Building.


When passing through the city of Dearborn, you will find the Divine Child High School holds a tale regarding a haunted gym. When the gym of the school was being remodeled, a construction worker died from head injuries sustained from falling from scaffolding. Many have claimed to see his ghost located on the catwalk during the night. Many have said that it feels as if someone is watching you when you walk down the hallways of the high school. Others claim that janitor equipment can be found in front of empty, lit-up rooms. When someone enters one of these rooms, odd messages are scrawled on the chalkboards.


The capital city of Michigan has too many tales to tell from the Motor City, but in Detroit, there is a street that should be avoided like the plague if you believe in cursed locations. On the crossing of Tireman and Evergreen Street, there is a stoplight located close to the 3rd block of Tireman that is the scene of horrific accident scenes. These accidents occur every month. For example, a man’s leg was found on a lawn close to a crash site where the decapitated body of a baby was found on another lawn of the same crash. The neighborhood children are too fearful to cross it, nicknaming it “Fear Street.”


In East Lansing, reports of a male figure have been documented entering an elevator, where he disappears after the doors immediately close and then reopen. These claims originated on the 6th floor of the west building at Holmes Hall, located at Michigan State University.


Unexplainable events or acts occur nearly everywhere you turn, such as the case in Flint, where smells of someone baking can be detected at the Naturally You Wig & Hair Salon, where no oven can be found on the premises. This location also experiences a knocking on the walls, as well as flickering lights. The Grandville Cemetery in Grandville has a history that dates back 300 years. People have claimed to feel deep physical pain during and after a visitation at this location. A young female had to be sent to the hospital shortly after leaving this site.


Northern Michigan University is home to the Forrest Roberts Theater, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a janitor who died in the elevator at the Thomas Fine Arts Building, which is connected to the theater. Throughout the theater, his ghost has been sighted. The Walmart in Roseville is said to have had a murder of a young woman in the back of the store. Night employees claim that at close to midnight, the sound of a squeaky shopping cart can be heard throughout the store.


Other haunted places of interest may include the Fifteeth Street House in Wyandotte; the Bowers Harbor Inn within Traverse City, as well as the Westland Butler/William Ganong Cemetery.