Open Ghost Case- Can You Help Us?

Since March 2010, many strange (and for the most part, unexplained) things have happened in our house, a lot of which we have on film –

* our 3 y.o son moved from where he was sleeping on the lounge to the exact same position on the floor outside his bedroom door. He had to have gone right past where we were sitting but he was never seen or heard moving. He didn’t have his pillow or teddy which he never sleeps without.

* One night we filmed his room all night (9pm – dawn). On film he is never seen or heard leaving his room despite the camera pointed right at his bed. In actual fact he came into our room and woke us up at about 3am.

* On film-One night he woke up and immediately looked at something off camera. He was very upset and was saying…”no, no…don’t want…no, no…”. He definately wasn’t dreaming and left the room as quick as he could.

* On filmOur video footage floats as though it’s not being held completely still, yet it’s on a tripod on even ground and floats when we are in the room and stops when we leave the room (it only did this once and only in one room so a faulty camera is highly questionable)

* On film – Strange, banging/hitting noises that just don’t belong in our house. There are no appliances etc to make such noises and everyone is always asleep.

*  One night while using the bathroom, a ghostly figure moved quickly past the door. When I checked, everyone was asleep. I felt a cool chill and when I looked over my shoulder I saw it directly.

* This is the most disturbing for us – Last week my wife saw our 14 y.o son walk past the door and smile at her. About 5 seconds later (literally) our 3 y.o son called out to him and his brother answered him from the other end of the house – which is also in the opposite direction to what the “thing” was walking. My wife knew right away what she saw wasn’t our son. It was “him” in every detail.

* My wife saw a bright light flash 3 times in quick succession on a bedroom wall; bright like the reflection of a camera flash – no-one was using a camera….

We have had two paranormal teams investigate us now and although they have answered some of our questions, they havent been able to give us an explanation to the above points, that make sense.

For example – “the flash on the wall was a reflection of light” – (how can that be when no-one turned a light on/off/on/off and it was much brighter than any light we have in the house anyway?) — “The footage floated because you were moving in the room, a bit like an impact tremor, despite the house being on a cement slab” (How come it still floated when I’m standing still, and how come it doesn’t float in time with the steps I take?) — “The ‘copy’ of your 14 y.o son was probably a Doppelganger. Don’t worry, they usually go as quick as they come” (Every article on the Net about Doppelgangers are anything but good news, so what should/can we do?)

The above points are the ones that worry us the most, especially this so-called Doppelganger. Believe me – we don’t want a ghost –  but the answers people give us to the above points make even less sense than the events themselves, or their explanations are physically impossible in normal circumstances. If anyone can help (with real answers or advice that makes sense and is actually plausible – yes, even if your answer is of a paranormal nature) please reply. We just don’t know what to do. We are living our lives at the moment just waiting for the next ‘something’ to happen. Perhaps we could e-mail you some pics we have? Please remember one thing – we do not do drugs / alcoholics and we are certainly not chasing notoriety. We just want to live our lives in peace…

Email me tips and suggestions.  [email protected]

Many thanks to you all – Greg & Jo.