Organizations Under Fire Over Mediums

The use of Mediums both as intermediaries between worlds and as stage shows has gained in popularity considerably over the past few years.  And since then the number of venues offering the services of these individuals has skyrocketed.  But recently a number of organizations in the UK have come under fire over a lack of skeptical documentation when they are offered.

There’s no question that in the world of mediumship there are those who genuinely believe their abilities to be real and have the evidence to establish a clear case for it.  And yet there are also those who fake a sort of telepathic connection with the dead for entertainment purposes.  These shows have been both praised and criticized for their candid representation of the afterlife as a place where the dead can communicate with the living and occasionally provide insight into the wishes and intentions of those who have passed away and give some reassurance to those who have survived.  Organizations affiliated with the UK government have therefore, in the name of stemming the tide of controversy established measures to ensure all official showings of mediums be accompanied by a warning that the shows are intended to entertain only.  The measure has ensured there be no direct responsibility on the part of the UK government in any results these shows may have if the words of the medium are taken seriously with any sort of disastrous results.  Unfortunately, a number of counsel sponsored events have failed to produce this disclaimer at many of their venues.  The resulting fallout is now a political hotbed rippling throughout the United Kingdom.

But should these disclaimers be mandatory by law?  Many opponents to the measure say no.  There have been several documented cases of psychics and mediums being used both in investigations to discover missing persons and most recently with the intention of counseling individuals in prisons.  The United Kingdom was not personally involved in the measure to use psychics as a means of channeling dead and loving relatives, but such measures were implemented for Dutch prisoners recently with a considerable amount of success.  Of course the counselors are not accompanied by any such disclaimer suggesting it is merely for entertainment purposes.  Furthermore, in Austria a team of druids have been hired to clear up “negative energy” on Austrian highways and have enjoyed similar success.  The real question becomes is this a matter that is intended to prevent any liability or a genuine skepticism on the part of UK counsels?  It’s unclear at this point what the case may be.  Of course with or without the disclaimers, attendance for these events is still quite high.  And whether those attending are there to be entertained or in order to get some clear insight into the lives of their deceased loved ones, there is no end to this incredible success being enjoyed by those employed as mediums in sight.  And perhaps with time we will come to realize that there is something more to this contact with the other side than mere stage magic.