Our trip to the Crecsent Holel ( Eureka Springs Arkansas

I have taken hundreds if not thousands of pictures indoors and outdoors but these were different. There are about 12 or 13 very good pictures of these strange balls of light some say are light energy from ghost . im not sur what they are , i just know that out of hundreds of pictures i’ve every taken I’ve never seen anything like these balls of light in the hallways of the Hotel,, ??????????????  I need a logical reason for these pictures I took that night and I have a lot of them…If you are courious about these and want to see more feel free to emai me at [email protected]

 Thank you ::::::: Kevin Baggs

Well it appears that the pics I have wilnot downlaod on this site because they are too large..If you would like to see them and the others I took please email me at above email address……They are like nothing I have ever seen before……..Kevin