Out- of-body-experiences and remote viewing

April 20, 1994

  Hi Jerry,

  This is a message/file, at your discretion.  I just finished reading two
  books, “THE ALEXANDRIA PROJECT” by Stephen Schwartz, founder of the Mobius
  Group, and “FAR JOURNEYS”, by Robert Monroe.

  Schwartz’s book is the retelling of a psychic experiment, the purpose of
  which was to locate the lost tomb of Alexander, using psychic “remote
  viewing”.  Of couese, they were successful, or there would not have been a
  book.  They also found an ancient crypt, containing Alexander’s bones.
  Interestingly, the effort behind this book was inspired by the late Edgar
  Cayce, who described past life experiences via the Akasha.  As you know,
  Tesla also referred to the Akasha as the source of ZP energy.

  Monroe’s book is a recounting of his OOBE’s, or out-of-body-experiences. It
  reads sort of like a bad 60’s acid trip, but in some of the text, there are
  some intriguing points made.  He speaks of vibrational actions being
  applied to the carbon atom, which according to Walter Russell, is the only
  stable element.  He also recounts a “trip” into the future, where people
  use a “reball” or resonant energy balloon, to protect themselves from virus
  and other forms of disease.  Resonant energy, applied in this manner, is a
  variation of the Tesla Shield, but more like the “bio-filter” popularized
  in Star Trek, TNG.

  In the first book, Akashic energy was used in a Gestalt context to locate
  long-forgotten artifacts and sites…kind of like our attempt at the
  Gestalt lottery, except that they were successful.

  In the second book, earth society has apparently come to an acceptance of
  both Akashic energy and of Russell’s science, using them for positive
  purposes.  You can find either of these books at any library.  I was not
  expecting to find the correlations mentioned above when I checked them out,
  but wanted to share them with you, regardless.

  Best Always,

  Joel McClain
  Vangard Note

    Bearden used to publish a newsletter called the SPECULA.  I remember an
    issue which had an article by our local friend, Hal Crawford.  Hal
    suggested using a resonant feedback loop but phase shifted by 180 degrees
    to cancel the energy of a disease “signature”.  A sample of the diseased
    tissue was removed from the site and placed in a “witness” or detection
    box.  The emanations from that box were then run through an inverted
    unity gain amplifier, this provided a 1:1 energy-in to energy-out match
    yet was flipped to cancel the electrical force.  It was a fascinating
    concept   but   I   don’t   know   if   anyone   ever   built   it.
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