Paracon 2009 , Canadian Ghost Conference

If you don’t have any plans set for August 6th to 7th and feel like doing a little traveling, consider a trip to the city of Sarnia, where Paracon 2009 is scheduled to take place. This Canadian-American ghost conference will not only allow you to explore the southern shore of Lake Huron, but also take part in special events, including readings given by local criminal psychic Robbie Thomas.

About the Host

With a long history of assisting police and families across the world in locating missing people and solving murder cases, Robbie Thomas has earned a reputation over the past 17 years in being a crime psychic. At the conference, eager participants will have the chance to hear what Thomas has to say about their photos depicting spirits. Attendees are encouraged to bring along their photos.

Robbie Thomas will on both days of the conference with a schedule speaking event on Friday, from 7pm to 8pm , offering a gallery presentation. Starring in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Dead Whisper’ and the upcoming release of ‘Robbie Thomas Visits The Sallie House,’ Thomas certainly has a lot to offer guests of the conference. Besides appearing in TV programs airing on the Discovery Channel, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, he makes the rounds on talk radio and appears in magazines, such as Paranormal Magazine England and Unexplained Paranormal Magazine United States.

Paracon 2009 Speakers and Presenters  

Discussing topics, such as paranormal investigation to ghost hunting techniques, some of the guest speakers and presenters expected to make an appearance at Paracon 2009 includes:

Patrick Burns

As an American Paranormal Investigator, Burns has built a reputation within his niche that has called the attention of many paranormal news outlets. For the most part, he is recognized as the  star of the TruTV (formerly Court TV) series Haunting Evidence. In his spare time, he contributed to the popular website Ghost Hounds , a site in which he founded. In 2001, Burns was also featured in an Emmy Award-winning Turner documentary titled “Interact Atlanta – ‘Ghost Hounds”Additionally, Burns is the organizer and director of Ghostock, a paranormal investigators Savannah Georgia convention that is held two times throughout the year.

Shannon Sylvia

Sylvia appears as one of the six investigators featured in the SciFi channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters International.’ Ever since she was young, Sylvia cultivated a deep interest in paranormal affairs with experiences centered on a historic town and unexplainable events that took place at the home of her parents. After seeking the help of supernatural professionals, Sylvia joined the team after witnessing investigations conducted in her home and undergoing appropriate training.

Dave Schrader

As a contributing writer to Taps Paranormal Magazine and an appearance on the Paranormal State TV series, Schrader is known as a leading expert when it comes to paranormal happenings. If  you happen to be in range, you may also catch Schrader hosting Darkness Paranormal Radio Show, which is syndicated through 100.3 FM KTLK Radio.