Paranormal Activity in Egypt

The land of Pharaohs and some of the most awesome examples of construction can be found in Egypt where a wealth of paranormal activity is also attached to the area. This is where King Tut ruled and some of the most powerful curses are suspected to originate from.
  In this article, we will explore some of the ghosts and haunted locations that are scattered about Egypt, including Giza and Cairo.


The Baron Castle, which is situated in Cairo, is an establishment that has been deserted for many years. At night, the windows of the building open and close at will. Additional oddities are also associated with the castle. In Cairo, there are other places to explore for paranormal exploits. In Dahshour, there is a location where soldiers in the army hold their training sessions.


Generally, the training of the soldiers lasts for about 45 days, where an array of weird happening was known to occur. Late at night, the sound of guns blaring and people screaming could be heard. One witness claimed that when standing on the balcony, they caught sight of ghosts who looked like former members of the army, walking about the grounds, completing the same exercises they did while alive.

Giza is known for its array of grand pyramids. These temples served as the final resting places for some of the most well known of kings. Surrounded by their worldly possessions to take with them in the afterlife, many legends have developed about their existence. Some rulers are believed reincarnated, while others are thought to roam specific areas as ghosts, spirits, and apparitions. At Khufus’s Pyramid, it is said that the ghost of Khufu (who

reigned from around 2589 BC to 2566 BC)

 himself will emerge from the pyramid when the clock strikes midnight. He is often seen wearing the traditional armor of Egypt. Legend has it that Khufu will wander about from home to home and enter houses to tell them to leave the premises.


The Great Pyramids are situated in Giza where visitors to this destination have reported strange events about the land. Some witnesses claim to have seen a man and his three offspring walking about the regal structures as if they were in search of someone. Tourists feel something is amiss as they are not wearing the clothing of today, but that from the 1920a. Some people believe that the ghost is an archeologist, while others feel it is a ghost who is looking for his deceased wife.

The ancient city of Wheaten is located in Tel el Amarna, where lights have been known to act on their own. Egypt is filled with a variety of wonder and intrigue and continues to enlighten visitors with locations about the country, such as the Valley of the Kings. When midnight strikes, some claim that a chariot has been known to pass by that is driven by a man of short stature. He is dressed in a suit that hails from the days when ancient Egyptian kings ruled. The chariot is distinct because it is pulled by black horses.