Paranormal Activity in New Mexico

If you ever take a vacation to New Mexico and wish to engage in a bit of ghost hunting, there are a few places you may want to stop off during your visit. The following locations offer their fair share of spooky encounters: Albuquerque, Deming, Mesilla, Fort Wingate, Ruidoso Downs, as well as Truth or Consequences.


Albuquerque is a popular place to visit when passing through New Mexico. If you venture to the corner of Edith and Osuna, you will find an abandoned insane asylum, which is now owned by the neighbors. Keep in mind that they are not too keen on people trespassing on their property. There have been some who have entered the asylum, claiming to have a black cloud hovering over them, taking photos of this sight as proof. The story behind this location is that a patient went so insane that he went on a murdering spree, taking the lives of several fellow patients, nurses and doctors. After the murders, the asylum was forced to shut down.


On 1113 University Boulevard in Albuquerque, you will come across a children’s hospital by the name of Carrie Tingly. There have been reports of glowing rooms located within unused areas of the hospital. Claims of black-robed images, as well as the sound of a heart beating accompanied by crying voices, have all been made.


Deming is home to the Holy Cross Sanatorium, which was located on a former World War I military base. This military base then turned into a tuberculosis hospital during World War II. A devil-worshipping cult settled at this location in the middle of the 70’s and practiced the sacrificing of animals. With all of this baggage, there is no wonder that this is a haunted place with many tales to tell. Witnesses have claimed to hear noises coming from the upper floor, as well as an unknown light shining near the fountain. There is an area at this location that has been nicknamed “The Alter Room,” where shadowy figures are reported to roam. Holy Cross’s negative energy seems to lure evil and destruction to this location. It is the site of many murders, including gang human sacrifices, as well as a man being murdered with a drainpipe.


In Fort Wingate, there is a World War II hospital by the same name that was once a storage unit for weapons during the war. It also served as a hospital to treat the wounded, including soldiers who had lost their limbs or suffered from mental retardation. The hospital shut down after the end of the war following rumors that spirits wandered about the hospital in search of the things that would make them whole again. It is now a place where strange and odd sounds can be heard coming from the building.


Other haunted spots within New Mexico include the Double Eagle & Peppers Restaurant in Mesilla. There have been photographs taken of ghosts, as well as documented witness accounts. When visiting Hale Lake in Ruidoso Downs, strange activities have been reported involving the campsites in the area. Some claim to have seen faces in their campfires, as well as war paint on their vehicles. Cars also act strangely in this area, stopping in the middle of the night, then working without any problems by sunrise.