Paranormal Activity in Pub While Owners Sleep

Horror films with a supernatural element are expected in movie theaters, along the aisles of movie rental places, and in the discount bin at retail stores.  But when a horror film starring a ghostly figure started playing in a Cumbrian pub’s security feed, the security team were at a loss for who they were to call.  And the locals say the pub used to be a funeral parlor.

The image shown on film is shocking to say the least.  A figure appears out of the blue and begins busying itself around the room.  At first it is roughly orb shaped before transmuting into a figure that looks almost human to viewers.  A torso, head, and at least one arm become visible as the figure reaches up for a table.

Detailed analysis of the footage by some individuals, including an examination of facial features by News and Star indicate there are even facial features present on the figure, including dark spots indicating a mouth and eyes.  While this analysis is compelling, one has to take into account that the dark spots would have looked that way only to the angle actually perceiving the figure.  From any other angle the eyes and mouth may have looked completely different.  And yet the figure doesn’t simply stop there.

Those who suggest the image appears to be nothing more than an insect flying around the room might be interested to note that in the next few seconds the computer monitor in the room suddenly flickers and turns on, followed by a sign on the front window falling off the wall.

The owner of 17 years who owns the building, Andrew Batemen, suggests the mysterious encounter with an unknown force sent him looking into the structure’s history.  He uncovered that the front area of the pub, where the security footage picked up the mysterious figure used to be part of a funeral home.  And though he’s a lifelong skeptic who doesn’t believe in ghosts, he says the incident has him freaked out anyway.  The strangest part, according to Batemen, is the unearthly mysterious glow that follows the figure’s appearance.

Could this be the disembodied spirit of a former customer returning to frequent his favorite haunt?  Or was it an unfortunate customer of the funeral home that once carried his remains?  Either way, the figure appears to be quite at home in his or her perusal of the pub’s interior.

Skeptics claim the incident could have been caused by an insect walking across the lens, but many who view the footage say they aren’t so sure.  And this doesn’t even begin to explain the sign dropping from the wall suddenly or the computer screen suddenly buzzing to life.  The fact that all three incidents happen so close together and in the midst of a spectral figure in the room has made a believer out of many who view the film.