Paranormal Activity of Brumder Mansion: Halloweentime

The month of October is a significant time of the year where paranormal activity is typically high. There’s just something about the Halloween season that brings out the spirits, ghosts, and other unexplainable happenings. In this article, you will learn about some of the instances where October and Halloween have brought out the best in paranormal activity at the Brumder Mansion.

Vortex Paranormal

In October of 2010, a local Milwaukee group called the Vortex Paranormal visited the Brumder Mansion on the Sunday before Halloween. It was the ballroom where many experiences were encountered. This was also the time where an EVP from a relatively unknown female spirit was recorded. They also heard tapping on a chair in the George Suite, where a cold spot was also detected in the middle of the chair. A recording of someone whispering, “Yes probably” was detected at this location. In the Marion Suite, an unseen presence was detected, where it was asked to move a flashlight that was on a table. For a moment, the flashlight rolled and spun around.

Northern Alliance Classes

In August of 2010, Northern Alliance conducted paranormal classes and investigations of the mansion with a medium and paranormal investigator/film maker. The medium got to know most of the spirits reported throughout the mansion. He noted that there was a male spirit in the George Suite that was playful and responsive to the investigators. Tapping on a small table was his way of communicating with investigators and responding to their questions.

The film maker captured several EVPs about the mansion with his equipment with the exception of the Gold Suite. He recalled in his report that he encountered a black mass while in the catacombs. He said that he heard a buzzing noise when he was in the ballroom.

Halloween Weekend 2010

As Z-Talk radio paid a visit to the Brumder Mansion, they got more than what they bargained for. Many paranormal seminars, classes and investigations have taken place at this site over the years (and with lots of results), so it’s no wonder that Halloween would offer an impressive opportunity to experience paranormal activity. People from Z-Talk Radio, mediums, members of Northern Alliance, and professional psychics all experienced something during their investigation.

Halloween brought the best out of the spirits and they were highly active in communicating with the people investigating and exploring the mansion. A couple of psychics who usually spend their time trying to rid a property of bad entities and demons were present, but this time, they took pleasure in the friendly spirits of the mansion. They helped teach the participants about the paranormal experiences they would or did encounter, which enhanced the overall feel of the events.

Source: Haunted Houses.com