Paranormal and Scary Movies: ‘Found Footage’ Winners

When it comes to the found footage concept, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ (1999) certainly led the way in keeping the interest of an audience with voyeuristic techniques. In this article, you will learn facts concerning this film, as well as the more recent, ‘Paranormal Activity.’

“Blair Witch Project” (1999)

In a nutshell, three student filmmakers set out to shoot a documentary centered on a local legend of the Blair Witch. Taking to the forests located close to Burkittsville, Maryland, it was believed that numerous children disappeared during the 1940s. Because of the rumors, people choose not to travel deep into the woods, but the students want to uncover the legend. With a few hiking items and two cameras, the trio go off into the woods. At first, they located small piles of stone that looked artificially set. The students become lost and increasingly fearful of their situation. Odd noises take over the night and more piles of stones start to show up in weird places. Panic settles in. One student (Josh) vanishes and the film is based on what they managed to record before they all disappeared in the woods.

Interesting Facts About Blair Witch Project

·    At first, ‘The Blair Witch Tapes’ was the first title set aside for the movie. Another working title was “The Black Hills Project.”

·    Fans convinced that the Blair Witch truly existed, made their way to Maryland in hopes of rediscovering the legend. However, if they had read the closing credits of the film, they could have saved themselves the trouble.

·    The movie has caused such a stir with fans that the sign for Burkitsville that was shown at the beginning of the movie has been stolen three times. It was also taken on the opening night of the film.

“Paranormal Activity” (2007)

While Paranormal Activity has dominated movie headlines for the past couple of weeks, it’s pretty interesting that the movie has been around for the past two years. Many who have seen the film before the hype have wondered why it wasn’t released into the mainstream sooner. The movie focuses on a young couple that moves into a house located in the suburbs. Over time, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that becomes active in the middle of the night. They suspect that the paranormal activity may be a demonic force. Afraid to fall asleep, the movie traces their experiences.

Interesting Facts About Paranormal Activity

The production that only took $15,000 to make wound up grossing $9.1 million in its first week released in the United States, breaking records for highest-grossing weekend for a film playing in less than 200 theaters. Interestingly, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ held the title for this record. Other interesting facts and trivia regarding the movie include:

·    After Steven Spielberg lent his two cents, the original ending of the film was changed.

·    The entire movie was filmed in the home of the director and screenplay writer, Oren Pali, who is already in the process of filming a sequel to Paranormal Activity and another movie called ‘Area 51,’ which he also wrote.

·    A personal experience led the director to come up with the idea for the movie. In the middle of the night, a box of detergent fell off of a shelf while he was sleeping. Oddly enough, the box was pushed too far back for it to tilt and fall off the shelf.