Paranormal Entity Suspected in Kidnapping Case

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A story coming out of Malaysia has authorities scratching their heads over the disappearance of one young girl who claims to be the captive and guest of an Orang Bunian – an unidentified race of supernatural entities that allegedly lives in the mountains of Gunung Jerai.  The family claims to be in distant contact with the 22 year old girl and she reports having her wounds treated by the beings and is alright.

It’s certainly incredibly unusual to have such a mysterious incident following her previous disappearances, but with Siti Balqis Mohd Nor’s strange history of disappearances it can hardly be considered entirely unprecedented.  Siti was known to have episodes of entering a strange dreamlike sleep and then wandering away from the house only to later be discovered at nearby graveyards or high up in trees.  And as she got older the episodes became even stranger.  Siti claims to have discovered the cause of these mysterious episodes and that she has made contact with a pair of Orang Bunian princesses who are holding her captive.  Is this a cry for attention?  Are Siti’s actions being influenced by a mental imbalance?  Or is there something more at work here?

Siti’s family are at a loss for what to do and have officially sought help from local authorities regarding the incident, but no one has any apparent clue as to Siti’s current whereabouts.  As the hunt continues, experts in the paranormal and the folklore of the region are additionally being sought for their expertise in what may be one of the strangest missing persons cases of the year.

Earlier this year Siti was in the news after alleging that she had been in contact with several mysterious beings she believed to be the Orang Bunians.  Bunians in western folklore could be compared to elves or fairies.  They are people who have an unusual presence and an ability to perform magic at will.  Several Bomohs and pawangs, the Malaysian equivalent to the shamans of Western folklore have been consulted in discovering Siti’s whereabouts.  Bomohs and pawangs are said to be in contact with the Orang Bunians in order to establish contact with the girl.

One interesting side effect of being in the presence of the Orang Bunian is that time passes very quickly in their world.  A few weeks or months in this mysterious realm could equal years passing in ours.

Of course there is understandable skepticism over the girl’s claim.  As the possibility that she may be lying, lied to, or somehow mentally disturbed seems more convincing to the majority of skeptical readers of this story, the question of where she could be becomes more drastic and frightening.  If she has been kidnapped or run away, she may require medical care.  This possibility has certainly not been lost on those searching for her.

As this story develops we will bring any new developments or late breaking details as they come.  We can only hope for the best for Siti and her family in the mean time.