Paranormal & Ghost Movie Facts , “Amityville 2: The Possession” (1982)

Have you ever wondered just how much of an impact the Amityville Horror movie had on its actors? Read further to find out one account, as well as an introduction to “Amityville 2: The Possession” (1982).

6) James Brolin was a bit apprehensive about taking on the role of George Lutz. At first, they told the actor that no script existed and that he had to obtain a copy of Jay Anson’s novel. Brolin complied and began reading the book. He started at 7pm and was still into the book at 2 in the morning. After hanging a pair of pants in the room earlier, the pants fell from their perch just as he entered an intense part of the book. Brolin became frightened and jumped out of his chair , almost bumping his head on the ceiling. It was then that he realized that the plot had substance and agreed to take on the project.

7) James Brolin actually met George Lutz and his children, and was quoted as saying that he was rather suspicious of their story and doubted that it ever took place.

8) As a result of the cruelty that his character showed in the film, James Brolin faced difficulties getting another job after completing “The Amityville Horror.” This cold shoulder effect lasted for about two years after the fact.

* Amityville 2: The Possession (1982)


In 1982, the prequel to The Amityville Horror was released. It was based on the true story of the DeFeo case of a family that moves into a home that happens to have been constructed on top of an ancient Native American burial ground. The oldest son becomes possessed by an evil spirit and is directed to kill his entire family. We learn that the family priest feels responsible for what has occurred and attempt to save the boy’s soul.

Amityville 2: The Possession Facts and Trivia

1) Close to the end of the movie, Sonny returns home and enters his vacated room. A poster of the movie Rocky is seen hanging on the wall, which ironically features Burt Young , a co-star in this film.

2) At the Razzie Awards, Rutanya Alda was nominated for Worst Supporting Actress.

3) The tagline for this movie was “Don’t forget to check under the bed…”

* Amityville: 3D (1983)


In this sequel, we see a man (Mr. Baxter) who has become separated from his wife decide to move into the Amityville House. When they’re daughter dies in a boating accident after being told not to leave the house , the mother begins to experience visions of her deceased daughter , seeing her alive in the house. Mr. Baxter places a phone call to a paranormal investigator to assist his wife and he is successful in locating the source of the house’s issue. Notable actresses that make an appearance in this film, include Tess Harper (as Nancy Baxter), Lori Loughlin (as Susan Baxter), and Meg Ryan as Lisa.