Paranormal Pub Thug Whines Over Wines

“Corky” the wine critic is known for his temper.  The owners of the Court Oak Pub in Harborne, Birmingham are always sure to stock nothing but his favorite wine in the cellar knowing full well if he doesn’t appreciate their selection he’ll start smashing bottles on Halloween.  Corky always shows up at the pub’s halloween parties despite the fact that he’s never been invited.  What’s more he’s been dead for quite some time.

No one knows quite where Corky came from or why he’s decided to flaunt his expert opinion on wines in such a violent and predictable way around the bar in recent years, but this ghost with the toast appreciates nothing but the best for his paranormal palate.  Corky has been seen by visitors and workers at the establishment for years standing behind the bar judging the selection and either approving or disapproving.  Unfortunately, when he does arrive if he doesn’t approve of the selection he is known to throw a bit of a telekinetic temper tantrum.  But then again given the fact that the grounds were built on a 17th century hanging gallows he may not be in the best of spirits.

Of course in the long history of the paranormal there are few places more populated with historical haunting locations than the UK.  And of those places in the UK, other than castles the most haunted famous places are often pubs.  And though September has only just ended, one of the most extraordinary places where ghosts are said to appear is the Grenadier in London.  It’s said here a man caught cheating at cards was beaten so severely he died – and then came back to haunt the place.  And in addition to shaking furniture and filtching peoples’ belongings, the ghost is said to be seen as a shadowy figure walking through the hallways and rooms only to disappear into thin air.

And of course there is also the George, where witnesses in the cellar have often reported the appearance of a 17th century soldier who will suddenly be discovered staring at patrons and then continue his long forlorn gaze at them until they leave uneasy at the strange behavior of this mysterious man.  Of course famously the bar’s owner will tell them to calm down and inform them that they had merely seen the ghost that haunts the pub.  Of course this is little comfort to those who just had a brush with the paranormal – understandably.

But few places have a history quite so grisly as the Phillack pub with the macabre name “The Bucket of Blood.”  The legend of this place says that the owner once went out in the middle of the night to draw up a pail of water, but discovered to his dismay when he pulled it up that the well had filled with blood.  An investigation later turned up a dead man who had been murdered and then thrown down the well.  Patrons here often say they can see a number of people standing across the street looking distantly at them as they come and go – only to then vanish mysteriously.