ParaVizionz Captures a Spirit Saying Ghoul B Gone

ParaVizionz is a high level paranormal investigations and research team serving Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky.  Ghoul B Gone is a product they  use to for cleansings both personal and small area as it contains the same ingredients they were using before, just in one convent  spray bottle. Now they have found out that during an investigation if they spray Ghoul B Gone before an evp session they  get much better responses. It seems that benevolent spirits or white spirits respond as they seem to like it quite well. Now the darker, menacing, malevolent spirits do not like it at all. They have plenty to say and usually will leave the area after we spray it down.

It makes sense that they would respond that way but we never thought of using it in that context before.


While on location at the Dayton Victoria Theater om January of this year, ParaVizionz captured many EVP’s.  A selection of 70  EVP’s from those investigation have posted on the ParaVizion’s website.  To see the video ParaVizionz created about the Ghoul B Gone EVP go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he0tDpivIV8.

Both the ParaVizionz Team: Lee Allen, David Jones, Patrick DeHart, Deb Lantz, and Kimberli Rideway, the creator of Ghoul B Gone, are clients of Haunted Entertainment.  They will be speaking at Haunted Entertainment’s Frontier Paracon at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Colorado, May 4-6th 2012 as well as many other Haunted Entertainment Events.   









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