Parents: MJ’s Face Appeared in Ultrasound

As any famous pop icon dies there will always be claims of supernatural contact with them by fans.  Among the thousands of reports of people contacting Michael Jackson’s ghost, including his sister Latoya, a new one has sprung up that claims the pop stars visage appeared on an ultrasound.  The similarities are striking.  Could the pop star who wanted himself to never grow up be trying to recapture his youth from beyond the grave?

Mr. Hickman, father of the unborn child said he was surprised when their child’s own face was obscured by what was originally thought to be an optical illusion.  When he showed the image to his daughter, who was six, she confirmed his original impression.  The unmistakable face of Michael Jackson was present in the photograph.  “Well if she can see it too, then I’m not just seeing things,” Mr. Hickman said, “None of us really are Michael Jackson Fans.  I mean we like him, but we’re not crazy about him or anything.”  Miss Kelley, mother of the child who is expected to give birth in March was heard to say, “I’ve had plenty of scans before and none of the photos have ever looked like this one.  It’s a bit spooky really”¦ but this is my seventh child, and they say seven is a mythical number.”

Of course this is only the latest in a long string of Jacko sightings.  Others have reported seeing everything from the deceased king of pop’s image appearing in everything from a streaking window to a toasted cheese sandwich sold on Ebay.  Of course the latter didn’t end up getting any bidders.  Elsewhere people have claimed Michael Jackson has entered their dreams, conveyed messages to them from other loved ones who were deceased, even given predictions about the future.  The whole thing is eerily similar to the deaths of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.  As they died they gave us a feeling for what it was to achieve the ultimate in their craft and really look at stardom in a different way than what we would normally be able to do.  They gave us an intimate look at their lives, or rather what they wanted the world to see as their lives.  They were both perfect strangers and our best friends.  The ghosts being seen of Michael Jackson may not actually be signs of his disembodied spirit, but rather the aftershocks of a cultural idea being put to rest.  Could a ghost exist even if there was no living person attached to it?  Have people ever seen the ghost of a fictional character who was never alive anywhere but the minds of those who believed in them?  It would be an interesting thing to look into.

As for the sightings of Michael Jackson themselves, there’s no sign of any slow down.  Of course the original Michael Jackson ghost sighting caught on CNN live news and broadcast across the airwaves as well as the internet was reportedly debunked, although many are still saying it is fairly conclusive evidence that the ghosts of someone still haunt Never-land Ranch.  In the wake of the tragic loss of a musical hero, however, people are still going to listen to his music and they’re most definitely going to take advantage of thriller stories such as these.