Personal Hauntings vs. Home Hauntings

Everyone’s heard of or possibly even been in a haunted house.  but what if the thing that’s haunted isn’t so easily left behind?  What if the thing these spirits are attached to follows you wherever you go and is -in fact- you?  Can people be haunted?  And should you spring for an exorcism like you would for a house or is this strictly meant for demonic entities?

The reality is, over the years there have been several hundred cases of people all over the world who are followed by strange paranormal entities no matter where they go.  Though these spirits are generally invisible, in fact only usually coming out when the person is alone or with one or two other people in a quiet room, they are constantly running into problems as a result or feeling emotions that are clearly not theirs.

These individuals have a tendency to be very sensitive to the paranormal, often having psychic experiences leading back all the way to a very young age.  After they come into adulthood, however, they push these contacts they made with the other side in the form of imaginary friends or guardian angels (whatever the case may be) into the back of their minds and forget about them.  Soon they are living in a purely mundane physical world with no connection to the paranormal or the spiritual.  And yet strange things start happening.

It generally starts small, with a sudden movement darting out at the corner of their eye.  Or it could be a sudden sound coming from somewhere unknown almost too quiet to hear like a whisper in a high wind.  But over time it becomes more drastic.  And it might even result eventually in others experiencing the haunting full time as well.  And it isn’t just individuals that are haunted.  Families can be haunted as well.

But what should be done?  There are several methods prescribed by psychics.  The first of course is to consult with a religious guide such as a priest or a psychic advisor.  Both have been met with variable levels of success as with any other method.  Of course when it comes to any matter that is important to your family it is important to go only to those advisors you trust most and who are trained to handle the situation (or know someone who is.)  There are also other methods.  Smudge sticks, which are constructed specifically for cleansing and which can be either made or purchased in several forms can be utilized.  Psychic self defense may be employed either to treat or cure the ailments of a family.  And finally there is always direct communication – either verbal or mental projection.  Simply telling an entity that has been making its presence known is often enough to drive it away.  And if you’re confident when doing it and everyone who was previously aware of the ghost itself is made aware of your intentions, then you’ll likely be more successful than if you tell no one and are not.