Poltergeist Setting House on Fire Up to 60 Times a Day

In Strasice, Western Bohemia, a family is calling for help from anyone who can discover the cause of several mysterious fires which are cropping up all over the house.  The place has been inspected from head to toe and is not currently suspected of faulty wiring or foul play, but the story gets stranger the longer authorities remain.

The phenomena began just a few weeks ago when the Mraceks first noticed fires springing up around the house.  Experts in the paranormal field are suspecting it to be a “poltergeist,” although the definition of that word varies from locations and different investigators.  As a result, the word “poltergeist” is often used to describe the type of phenomena being manifest rather than a word to describe the actual source of the activity.

Generally, poltergeist activity is associated with an entity who manifests as either kinetic, thermal, or light energy in a given location over the course of several weeks or even years.  Poltergeist activity is often associated with stress from individuals who are put under a great deal of strain, particularly those who are in the throes of puberty.  A poltergeist is not normally known to harm those who occupy the same space as it, although there are a few documented cases of people being inflicted bodily harm by this activity.  Additionally, poltergeists are not normally associated as the same type of phenomena as ghosts, but are rather a psychokinetic extension of the victim’s own consciousness.  Poltergeists have been documented well in the past 200 years in several high profile cases, and from the looks of it this latest case is incredible enough to become its own subject of intense study.

As for the Mraceks, they are finding small smoldering fires cropping up in plastic bags, pictures as they hang on the wall, electrical outlets (even when the power is turned off), and anything that isn’t specifically fire retardant.  Window panes have cracked, as though from intense heat, thermometers are cracking as the mercury expands beyond the thermometer’s threshold, and an aquarium in the house spontaneously began a rolling boil out of nowhere.  If the activity is a hoax, the Mraceks stand a lot to lose from the events, as their house is being investigated by geologists, electricians, the police, and parapsychologists round the clock.  If the house is deemed uninhabitable, the Bohemian government will relocate them temporarily until they can find another place to live, and will demolish the house.

At the moment they are simply staying to put out the fires as they crop up, which are reported to appear up to sixty times per day.  The fires are keeping members of the family from sleeping, so the family’s children have been relocated to live with relatives while the parents fight the fires as best they can with the help of the local fire department.

Though this phenomena is certainly strange, there have been several instances of houses suddenly spontaneously combusting in tiny fires all over.  In 1958, in Talladega, Alabama, a four room log house was spontaneously erupting into flames even when no one was present.  We’ll keep you updated on this dramatic case if anything further develops.