Poltergeist That Killed Dog Filmed

Perhaps the most terrifying idea of a poltergeist is that it throws things around violently and comes from nowhere.  And now after the family living there caught the ghost on film that killed their dog, the story has become disturbingly real.  What will this family do now that they find themselves trapped in a house where their only escape is to move?  And why is the system designed to protect them now making that move impossible for them?  Imagine being trapped in a house with no way out with a ghost that killed one of your dogs.  That’s the disturbing reality facing Lisa and her children.

The video itself is fairly standard as far as ghost videos go, but the real disturbing part comes with the story that accompanies it.  Lisa Manning has been looking for a way to get out of her home, but the housing commission, rather than helping her escape her hell home, wants to send in their own exorcist in order to clear things up.  Manning told reporters at The Sun that she liked the home and wished to stay, but couldn’t because of the unknown entity that lived there and had killed her dog.

Manning also left a video camera running in one of the rooms and captured evidence that a mysterious entity was disturbing the place out of view even when they weren’t there.  Other incidents they reported were thrown chairs, shattered windows, and of course the dog they loved being pushed down the stairs.  When coupled with the video showing chairs drifting across the floor and a cabinet door opening, the story only becomes more disturbing.

But are we looking at another Amityville horror?  Some experts in the field of the paranormal are showing skepticism over this story, saying it is over-dramatized.  How did the family know it was a poltergeist that killed their dog?  The circumstances surrounding its death are it fell down a flight of stairs.  And another dog of the family’s fell down the same flight of stairs resulting in two broken legs.

If you think you may be the target of a poltergeist, there are some things you can do.  Exorcism is one obvious possibility, but an often overlooked cause of poltergeist activity cited by paranormal investigators is that it’s the result of emotional energy being left unaddressed by families.  The poltergeist feeds on or is caused by negative emotions.  And so eliminating either its source or its fuel source has been demonstrated as being very successful in times past.  And there have been some families who give the poltergeist life by constantly thinking about it.  It’s difficult not to think about a poltergeist when a chair flies up from the floor and smashes against the wall next to you, but psychics often suggest this as a supplement to the normal practice of exorcism.

Let’s hope the Manning family finds success with whatever method they choose.