Poltergeists Are Different From Ghosts

When it comes to a poltergeist, you will encounter an entity that is different from that of a ghostly acquaintance. Poltergeists differ from ghosts because they can be described as odd forces that take pleasure in bringing terror into the lives of people. They achieve this intense fear by throwing objects across a room; creating fires at will; leaving behind insults in the form of graffiti, as well as filling a house with horrific smells.


Poltergeists are the source of what is referred to as “destructive haunting.” Furniture can move at any moment and parts of a house can become destroyed without reason. In London, a case of this sort of haunting was reported in 1977. This poltergeist received the name as “the Enfield poltergeist.”


While in her house, a mother looked after her two adolescent daughters. Without notice, a nearby chest quickly removed itself from against the wall. A chair also flung across the room. Frightened by what had occurred, they called upon the help of a neighbor who then called the police. The officer that came onto the scene agreed that something quite odd was occurring within the household, but was unable to come to a conclusion on the matter.


For more than a year, the family continued to experience numerous paranormal encounters. It is said that this so-called attack was the longest recorded poltergeist encounter to date. Some of the details regarding this case included:


1) The removal of a fireplace by an unknown force

2) A curtain that moved on its own

3) Objects that moved across the room without notice

4) A book, which was said to have went through a wall and was found in the next room


The poltergeist seemed to enjoy bothering the youngest daughter, Janet. Once, she was removed from her bed by an unknown force and flung across the room. Sometimes she would wake up in odd places about the room. Janet was also sometimes taken over by an entity that possessed a deep, gruff voice. She would often hurl curse words when this unknown force possessed her. Oddly enough, about a year after the family’s first encounter, the poltergeist relented on the same day that Janet received her first period. Some were skeptical about the existence of such a poltergeist, but the family, as well as paranormal researchers stuck by the validity of the events.


Some believe that there is a direct correlation with the presence of a poltergeist with that of the presence of an adolescent within the household. It is suggested that the energy an adolescent possesses during their time of change is exactly what a poltergeist needs in order to function. Some attacks seem drastic while others are merely a few odd happenings within a household.


The level of interference in which the unwanted guest brings to a home also defines a poltergeist attack. Some of these interferences include interruption of a television signal, light bulbs that continuously blow, as well as sinks that overflow and soak an area in the home. With all of the mischief that a poltergeist creates, there haven’t been any reports of one actually seriously harming or killing someone.