President Lincoln’s Ghost and Others in the White House

The White House is not excluded when it comes to ghost sightings. There have been tales involving Abigail Adams doing her laundry in the East Room, as well as the Dolley Madison’s spirit watching over her roses. These stories have been told throughout the years, with the most prominent involving President Abraham Lincoln.


The most popular ghost sighting centers on the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. There have been many reports of people hearing, seeing, as well as sensing Lincoln’s presence throughout the White House. While residing in the White House, Lincoln told a confidant that he had a dream detailing his own death. He told his friend that he could hear people mourning, where he then found a casket in the East Room. In his dream, he insisted that a guard inform him of who was in the casket. The guard in his dream replied that it was the President and an assassin murdered him. Even though he lived past his first term”¦we know the rest.


One of the first people claiming to have seen Lincoln’s ghost in the White House, was Grace Coolidge, who was the wife of the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. She stated that he was standing at a window in the Oval Office looking out onto the Potomac, adding that his hands were clasped behind his back.


When Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was a guest of the White House, she claimed to have seen Lincoln’s ghost during her stay. She said he was sighted when she answered a knock on her bedroom door. It was the middle of the night and when she opened the door, the ghost of Lincoln was in front of her. She described him as still wearing his signature black top hat.  She fainted and when she awoke, he was nowhere to be seen.


Mary Eben, who was Eleanor Roosevelt’s secretary, claimed to have seen Lincoln in the bedroom that was named after him. She said he was putting his on boots while sitting on the bed. During this time, many others reported sighting him in this room. Usually, he was lying on the bed.


President Lincoln was not the first ghost to be spotted in the White House. The earliest ghost reports come from those who have seen the ghost of Abigail Adams, wife of the 2nd president of the United States. There are tales of workers seeing her ghost going to the East Room to hang her laundry. During her lifetime, she often hung her laundry in this room because it was the warmest room before the building of the White House was fully completed.


Another president that is said to still call the White House his home, is Andrew Jackson, who keeps to the Rose Room, where his bed can still be found. It was Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd, who claimed to have heard Jackson making noise and cursing throughout the White House corridors.


When gardeners attempted to dig up the rose garden of Dolley Madison, they refused after claiming to have seen her ghost. Dolley was the wife of the 4th president of the United States, James Madison. To this day, the Rose Garden continues to flourish.