Proving Ghosts With Film

As with any aspect of the paranormal, it’s notoriously difficult to capture images and footage of ghosts in a way that could presumably make a believer out of skeptics once and for all.  But suppose a film did exist that would challenge the very foundation of skepticism?  What would it look like?  And more importantly, how would it have to be captured?

First, it’s easy to look at a picture or video of a ghost – however eerie – and still be able to understand why others find if so easy to categorically deny its paranormal nature.  With digital editing effects, such an image would have to break from convention several times over not only in the content of its frames, but the way in which the footage was taken.  Hopefully, if a ghost is consistently and reliably appearing in a location regularly this will serve as a model to document it in such a way that a foolproof case for the paranormal can be created.

First, the objects involved would have to demonstrate impossible physics.  The ghost would have to be somewhat transparent or otherwise demonstrate it was not simply a person walking past the camera.  If it were an incorporeal ball of light or strand of energy, it would have to demonstrate that it was not a dust particle by either passing through another object or floating and hovering in a very deliberate way.

Second, the actual footage itself would be far more convincing if it came from multiple angles at the same time or from multiple cameras.  Of course this may be impossible according to paranormal investigators as the images on film and on camera may be not actually observed by the lens, but rather burned directly into the film itself or the digital information stored within the camera.  Still, if this is the case then it may behoove investigators to ask the paranormal entity to burn images on the film that quite simply cannot be faked such as complex words or shapes added directly to the videotape itself in a way that could not be faked coupled with an accompanying audio track informing the viewer of the entity’s intentions.  Such a request, if granted, would make it difficult for even the most staunch skeptics to ignore.

Additionally, as one of the criteria of scientific proof involve the ability to reproduce the results repeatedly with a reasonable expectation as to the results, it may be necessary for a ghost or other paranormal entity to demonstrate this reliably by making multiple films.  If this were possible, the ghost would no doubt be able to demonstrate it was repeatedly proving its existence rather than simply appearing as an anomaly.  It is the anomalous nature of ghosts and the paranormal that make it so difficult to prove on the whole.  If even one entity were to commit to the process of proving its existence to humans, it would be that much easier.  And it would certainly be worth the effort for the rewards to the rest of humanity.