RE: Haunted Areas In India

This followup is in reference to Yona Williams article

Haunted Areas in India”

In response to Yona Williams interesting piece “Haunted Areas In India” I would like to briefly comment on the nature of “ghosts” from a Vedic perspective. I have also been to India twice. If one has read my previous articles, “God, Man and Aliens” part one and two and “The Vedas-Part One” I discuss the Vedic conclusion in regard to the nature of the soul known as the “jiva” in Sanskrit.

The material body is made of material elements. It has no separate consciousness of it’s own. The soul is the symptom of life within the dead material body and gives it animation and consciousness as well as personality. No two personalities are alike. Such is the nature of God.

The “subtle body” that is, the mind, intelligence and false ego (as opposed to ego in general which denotes self-identity) constitute the that which cannot be seen. No one can see mind, intelligence or false ego. However, one may see the result of mind and intelligence manifest. Such as thinking about building a house and then creating it. Thus mind manifests in matter. Inspiration being a conduit.

Think of it this way. The outer body which we all see is the “gross body” and it is likened to a coat and the subtle body which we cannot see is like a shirt beneath the coat. See?

Now, ghosts appear at the moment of death in a state of utter fear and confusion. Ghost bodies (sometimes seen and sometimes not) come about through death in intoxicated states, suicides and/or in severe states of sudden death. That is, death is when the soul is forcibly evicted from the gross body. This is known as fear.

Therefore, the soul, which is spiritual in constitution cannot take another material form or body. Ghosts disturb there neighbors and in fact have been even known to kill people.

There are millions and millions of ghosts worldwide and some may have to sojourn for indeterminate periods of time and this is why there may be ghosts haunting ancient sites etc. In fact, it has been documented that guards keeping watch after the 9/11 attacks in the fields of Pennsylvania actually saw ghosts of some of the crash victims appear to them and matched their photos of being identical with those who died. There have always been ghosts and Shakespeare even wrote about them in his plays.

Just for the record, one of the most authentic haunted places in America is the Queen Mary docked at Long Beach, Califronia. Another chilling account is the famous “Resurrection Rose” ghost in Chicago where individuals have not only seen this young woman in white and danced with her and talked with her, but when dropping her off at the cemetery, vanished before their very eyes. These are all real cases.

The only way an individual can become “ghost proof” is to imbibe their religious practices in whatever denomination he/she may adhere to. Ghosts can also be quite evil. Hope this has been enlightening.