If I were a soul and I were to define reincarnation I would say – “Will I ever die? No, I am immortal. I have seen ages; I have lived in different bodies in different times. Yes, I am a soul and I will never die. The transmigration from one body to another is what people call Reincarnation.”


Reincarnation is a belief about the transmigration of the soul. A body is born and it lives for certain years then it dies. After death the soul of this body goes to “Summerland” which is at a certain “Astral Plane”. It spends some time there to rest and to become pure and then takes birth in another body.

Many people believe that they can trace their past lives by doing regress dream analysis, meditation and hypnotism.

Reincarnation is an interesting topic of the present. Many channels, magazines and websites offer detailed insight into reincarnation.

Many religions and many people have different perspective about “Reincarnation”. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, claimed that the soul is immortal and it hardly resides inside the body and that’s how it survives the bodily death. He also claimed that soul goes through many rebirths and in between each rebirth it stays underworld where it rests and gets purified.

We hear many cases where people remember about their past lives. Some remember it since birth and some realizes this after a series of incidents.

Let us view the beliefs in different religions:

Hinduism:  Hindu religion, which is one of the most ancient religions, believes in Reincarnation. However, they claim that it is totally linked with Karma.

Buddhism: According to Buddhism, there is no permanent and unchanging soul but they also have not denied the possibility of reincarnation.

Jainism:  Jainism claims that a man becomes a god if he accumulates enough good Karma in the life. They also say that eventually gods also die and might take birth as a lesser being.


Ayyavazhi: This religion claims that the soul take rebirths till it reaches a particular state known as “Dharma Yukam”. “Dharma Yukam” meaning state of Union with God.


Some people claim that human beings always take rebirth as a human and some say that rebirth is decided by the “Karma” you do in your current live. If you have lived a pious life it is certain that you will not be degraded into some other species.

Remembering the past life may lead a human to live dual life. Many believe that it will lead to confusion and life of that person will certainly become miserable. Though there are no proofs of reincarnation but still it is an ancient belief which can not be rejected.