Scary Gambles in Las Vegas

You may or may not lose your money, but you probably didn’t think you would lose your nerve if you were aware of some of the haunted locations that can be explored throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of these scary scenes can be found within casinos, hotels, as well as schools in the area.


Where the Bally’s Hotel and Casino now stands, there used to be an old MGM that caught on fire while people were still inside. Odd occurrences have been known to occur at this location. Speaking of former hotels, the Bellagio was once the Dunes Hotel and Casino. Several strange claims are associated with this property. Before the Dunes closed down in 1993, people reported cold spots throughout the area, including the casino and main tower. In the lounge area, some claimed that late in the night when you ventured to the top floor of the hotel, you could spot a blue glow. Unexplained voices could also be heard in the area when no one was in sight.


The Las Vegas Academy Main Theater has its share of strangeness, where theater students have reported sightings of an older male ghost, who is said to have lived on the property before the theater was established. It is said that he can be found wandering about when he believes the theater is empty. He is referred to by the name of Mr. Petre. Strange sounds can also be heard while theater students are practicing.


The Dell H. Robinson Middle School has an unwanted visitor who haunts the dreams of attending students. New students claim to have seen the ghost of an old man walking about the halls in attire that resembles the clothing of a janitor. He is seen with blood on his hands. Students claim that he follows them home from school and he does not leave them alone until the next time they visit a church.


Another hotel/casino with a story to tell is the Caesars Palace. During the late shift, a cocktail witness reported that the bathrooms in the Forum Casino area have a mind of their own. While being the only one in the room, she witnessed several sensory water faucets turn on and off without anything visible triggering the system. She also claimed to have put her hands under one of the faucets that was already running and it would stated that it would turn off.


Other haunted hotel and casinos include:


The Excalibur, where guests have heard unexplained whispers in their ears.


The Flamingo Hotel & Casino, which claims to be haunted by Bugsy Segal, where an employee quit after sighted his ghost on the fifth floor.


The Luxor Hotel and Casino is said to be haunted by the ghosts of construction workers that lost their lives while constructing the Pyramid.


Some say that the ghost of Whiskey Pete can be seen watching the events that occur within his casino, which is named after him.


At the Tropicana Hotel & Casino, there is a large tiki facemask that can be seen at the front of the entrance. Many believe it to be cursed, where visitors have suffered from an irritating purple rash after touching the mask. When photos are taken in front of it, developed pictures display an odd purple, smoky cloud.


The Mirage’s bathrooms that can be located close to the Danny Gans’ theater are said to be haunted. Rumors state that ghosts haunt the area because of a wall that fell down on workers during the time the casino was being built.