Scary Homes to Visit During Halloween

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The next time you are in California for the Halloween season or if you are a resident in the area, if you already haven’t paid a visit, you may want to check out the haunted house, which has a rather unusual historical tale behind it. Throughout the United States, there are numerous homes and establishments, which may prove an interesting and exciting visit during the Halloween holiday.


The Winchester Mystery House

525 South Winchester Blvd
San Jose, California

Phone Number: 408 247 2101


The history of this haunted house can be traced back to the paranoid Sarah Winchester, who believed that her residence was haunted by all of the spirits that were killed by the guns that came from the fortune that she inherited. In an attempt to free herself from the angry ghosts, she constructed an elaborate interior to her home, which she believed would keep her safe from the ghosts. For more information on the house, you may pay a visit to the website at: http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com. This haunted house can be visited from 9am-5pm on Sunday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the house is open from 9am to 7pm.


Have you ever watched the Shining? You know, the movie based on the Stephen King novel that allows the gleaming face of Jack Nicholson’s face to haunt your dreams. Well, there was a hotel that inspired the base of the house that become so well known in the movie. It was called the Stanley Hotel and it can be found at 333 Wonderview Ave, which is situated in Estes Park, Colorado. Throughout the year, there are ghost tours that are held throughout the premises.


When investigating the background of the Stanley Hotel, you will find that it dates back to 1909, which is located close the eastern part of the Rocky Mountains. If you ever have the chance to actually stay at this establishment, you will find a wide-range of modern amenities to keep you on your toes. On the premises, there is a heated outdoor pool, as well as tennis courts. A playground occupies the kids.


At the hotel, there is a special even held when Halloween rolls around. Besides the ghost tours associated with this location, there is also the fun costume contest, as well as a night filled with dinner and dancing. While you are partying the night away, you might even encounter a ghost or two, you never know, this is the night when anything can happen.


When it comes to houses, why not pay a visit to the former abode of Edgar Allen Poe, who is responsible for numerous scary, eerie and cleverly-created stories and tales. At this residence, Poe felt most inspired to create the classic horror pages throughout his impressive body of works. When you stop by this house, which can be found on 203 Amity Street in Baltimore, Maryland, you may also check out his gravesite, which is situated not too far. In the same cemetery, his wife also rests. For more details on this intriguing site, you may check out: http://www.ci.baltimore.md.us/government/historic/poehouse.