Seattle’s Haunted Locations

The Seattle Seahawks went to the Super Bowl this year, so it is only fitting that a brief overview of some of the haunted places that can be found throughout this city should be included. Below you will learn of eerie tales and legends dealing with places from the Civil War Cemetery to the Good Shepherd Center.


In Seattle, there is a house that has displayed strange activity that earned it a place on the Unsolved Mysteries television show. A homosexual man by the name of Andrew decided to tell his father of his lifestyle, but instead of his father taking the news well, he raged against his son, killing him. He them decided to kill himself. The next morning, the front of the house was found painted in rainbow colors. The back of the house was also painted in different colors in a swirly pattern. On the roof, colored tiles were found, as well as the letter “A” in gray. When the bright colors are repainted, the rainbow colors return.


On Capitol Hill, the South Annex at this location features a dental office, as well as the English Institute of Seattle Central Community College. Legend has it that a young student killed himself and began haunted the area afterwards. He is known to move things about, as well as push objects off of shelves.  At the Capitol Hill Methodist Church, an unknown presence has been known to haunt the church. 


Looking for a place to stay while visiting Seattle? At the Sorrento Hotel, there have been numerous unexplained events reported throughout the years. Some of the things that you may encounter include unexplained footsteps, as well as objects moving on their own when visiting the Hunt Club Bar. Some guests have claimed to spot a female ghost wandering about the 4th floor, especially close to Room 408. When staying at the Claremont Hotel, employees will tell you of the odd sounds that they hear, which has been described as a 1920s party. Some have heard the sound of glasses breaking, as well as jazz music associated with the Prohibition Era. A few employees claim to have seen the ghost of a former worker that fell from one of the higher floors during the 60s.


At the Good Shepard Center, an eerie presence can be felt upon entering. It used to be a girls reform school during the 20s, which was abruptly closed down during the 1950s. The ghosts of Civil War soldiers have been spotted walking about the Civil War Cemetery, still wearing their uniforms. At the Central Baptist Church, a variety of odd occurrences have been declared, including unexplainable noises; doors that shut on their own, as well as the sighting of a weird old man who is said to haunt this location.


Other haunted spots include Hamilton Middle School, the Lewis Studio, Martha Washington Institute, Nathan Hale High School, Old Well’s Fargo Bank, Pike Place Public Market, Suicide Bridge, as well as the University YMCA.