Several Definitions Of a Zombie

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The first thing you’d think of is the monster, but what is it? For those of you with finer taste, you’d be thinking of the drink. But what is this word’s meaning? What is it for?


You’ve all seen them in the movies and in video games and learned how they came about. According to the “Resident Evil” game series by Capcom, zombies are the byproduct of a terrible virus exiperiment gone wrong. But other stories would indicate that the dead actually arise to kill.

What does Zombie mean? In Haitian (or African/Voodoo) it means “a mindless servant/slave.” Or Kongo for “fetish.” But “fetish” will come later.

Start at the beginning, shall we? Voodoo followers would recite spells or mix potions to either bring back the dead, or turn normal people into mindless slaves. The spell would normally be used for the already deceased. The potion would be used on the living, (“Resident Evil’s favorite.”)

According to movies, if you’re killed by a Zombie, you’ll turn into one. Aha. This is where it gets sticky. If one were to use a spell for one dead person, that one dead person would be totally at the mercy of the spell-sayer. If a spell were made strictly for death or destruction, the original spell could also affect anyone killed by a Zombie. However, a potion is communicable.

A potion is communicable. It is not made for just one person, but whoever consumes it. “Resident Evil” uses a Virus that is highly contageous and lethal. So far, the storyline from Capcom involves the need for complete power. The virus gives humans and animals the hunger for flesh and ultimately, the slavery according to it.


Ever payed attention to Men at Work “Land Down Under” or “Zombie” by the Cranberries. Both mention “head” and “zombie.” Why those two?

Well, where does alcohol go?

As I stated before, zombie can mean “fetish.” Alcohol fetish.

“Huh, I can handle any drink! Bring it on!”

It’s not called a Zombie for any reason! The original Zombie drink was sold to a person once a week if they wanted it frequently. The proof of this drink would make someone so drunk that they would seemingly -be- a zombie!

“What’s in it?”

Dark rum (151 proof), Jamaican rum (90 proof), and light rum (86 proof), pineapple juice, papaya juice, lime juice, and powered sugar.


Eh, got all that? Go to a bartending website to learn how to do it.

I’m tired of typing.